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If you retire before age 65, King County offers two types of coverage:

  • COBRA: Continue medical, dental, and vision coverage by paying monthly premiums. COBRA usually lasts up to 18 months.
  • Retiree Medical: If you are eligible for retirement with Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) and have at least five cumulative years of service with King County, you can opt for medical and vision coverage up to age 65 and dental up to age 99.

After you become eligible for Medicare, you can continue your dental coverage through the Retiree Dental Plan, but you may not continue your medical coverage through the Retiree Medical Plan.

When you retire, you will receive enrollment materials from Navia Benefit Solutions for COBRA and the retiree medical and dental plans. You can decide if you want to continue your coverage through COBRA, or enroll in the Retiree Medical and Dental plans. You must enroll within 60 days after your county coverage ends or within 60 days from the date of the letter you receive from Navia notifying you of your options, whichever occurs later.


Rates may change from year to year.

For a summary of your benefit options when you leave King County, see Continuing Your County Benefits.


You become eligible for Medicare at age 65 and can Apply for Medicare Online For more information, go to the Medicare website.

Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called “Part C” or “MA Plans,” are offered by private companies approved by Medicare. Medicare pays these companies to cover your Medicare Benefits. Medicare Advantage Plans may offer extra coverage, such as vision, hearing, dental, wellness programs, and prescription drug coverage (Part D). Learn more about Medicare Advantage Plans.

Regence BlueShield offers a group-sponsored retiree health plan to Medicare-eligible retired employees and their spouses. The Regence MedAdvantage + Rx Classic (PPO) plan provides medical and prescription drug coverage and gives you access to in-network contracted providers throughout the United States, and urgent and emergent care while traveling abroad. [Please note: The University of Washington and its affiliates are not in-network providers.] This plan requires enrollment in both Parts A & B of Medicare. For plan details and an enrollment form, see the Regence MedAdvantage Plan Summary of Benefits.
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