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Document Code No.: FES 12-5 (AEP)
Department/Issuing Agency: Transportation, Fleet Administration Division
Effective Date: January 18, 2007
Approved: /s/ Ron Sims
Type of Action: New

Signed document (PDF, 86 KB)

1.0 SUBJECT TITLE: Non-Revenue Vehicle Anti-Idling Policy


2.1 To protect public health and improve the environment by reducing emissions while conserving fuel. Less idling time is good for the environment because it reduces air pollution, noise and fuel use. It also reduces wear and tear on engines, lengthens engine life, saves money and contributes to a cleaner atmosphere. Reducing idling makes good business sense.


3.1 This policy applies to non-revenue vehicles and off-road equipment in all King County Executive agencies.


4.1 PUT 7-5 (AEO) Global Warming Preparedness

4.2 FES 12-1-2 (AEP) Use of King County Vehicles

4.3 FES 12-1 (AP) Motor Pool Operating Procedures Manual

4.4 FES 11-1 (AP) Equipment Rental and Revolving Funds Fund Balance Policy

4.5 FES 12-2-2 (AEP) Take Home Policy for County Owned Vehicles

4.6 FES 12-4 (AEP) Vehicle and Equipment Acquisition, Commercial Rental and Leasing, Employee Provided Vehicles and Disposition

4.7 Fleet User Guide

4.8 King County Driver's Operating Manual


5.1 "Executive Agencies" means those agencies of King County which make up the executive branch of government. In accordance with the King County Charter, these include the Department of Assessments and the King County Sheriff's Office, as well as the departments and administrative offices which report to the county executive.

5.2 "Vehicles" means cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and off-road equipment.

5.3 "Non-Revenue Vehicles" means vehicles not used in revenue generating transit service.

5.4 "Idle" means operation of a vehicle's primary propulsion engine while the vehicle is not moving.


6.1 King County employees shall not cause or permit vehicles covered by this policy to idle for more than three minutes in a sixty minute period, except as allowed under policy exemptions described in section 6.6.

6.2 King County employees shall drive within the speed limit.

6.3 King County employees shall avoid sudden stops and quick acceleration.

6.4 King County employees driving assigned vehicles shall check tire pressure monthly.

6.5 King County employees driving assigned vehicles shall keep those vehicles well maintained.

6.6 The following are Policy Exemptions:

6.6.1 A vehicle may idle while forced to remain motionless because of on-highway traffic, when required to yield the right of way to responding emergency vehicles, at an official traffic control device or signal, or at the direction of a law enforcement official.

6.6.2 A vehicle may idle to prevent a safety or health emergency.

6.6.3 An emergency vehicle or any vehicle being used in an emergency capacity, may idle while in emergency or training mode and not for the convenience of the vehicle operator.

6.6.4 A vehicle may idle for maintenance, servicing, repairing, or diagnostic purposes if idling is required for such activity.

6.6.5 A vehicle may idle as part of a state or federal inspection to verify that all equipment is in good working order, provided idling is required as part of the inspection.

6.6.6 A non-revenue passenger bus may idle a maximum of ten minutes in any 60 minute period to maintain passenger comfort while non-driving passengers are on board.

6.6.7. A vehicle may idle due to mechanical difficulties over which the driver has no control. The claim of mechanical difficulties should be supported by work order documentation.



8.1 Fleet Administration Division shall monitor for compliance for all vehicles under Fleet Administration Division.

8.2 Fleet Administration shall provide and apply technology, where available, to monitor and verify compliance.

8.3 All other King County agencies with vehicles not under Fleet Administration shall be responsible for monitoring and verifying compliance of their own vehicles.

Note: Violation of this policy may lead to discipline, up to and including termination