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Road Services - Frequently-asked questions about Road Alert

What is King County Road Alert?
King County Road Alert is a Web-based e-mail subscription service designed to notify residents and motorists about road closures or hazardous travel conditions that have a significant impact on travel in unincorporated areas of the county. This information, provided by the Road Services Division, enables motorists to make informed travel decisions benefiting both themselves and the region by reducing traffic impacts.

The travel advisories provided by King County Road Alert have now been incorporated into the My Commute Map. Previously this information was available as a text list.

Road Alert travel advisories include information about closures or traffic problems that impact a specific road or major traffic corridor. Most county roads are closed due to construction activity, weather events or other unanticipated incidents. Subscribers will also be kept informed of the status of the closure and when the road is expected to reopen.

Traffic problems resulting from an accident and having a significant impact on the peak commute hours may be sent out in an alert — if information can be provided in a timely manner. You are advised to listen to radio traffic advisories for real-time traffic information.

If you have any questions or comments about Road Alert, please e-mail us.

I want to edit or delete my subscription to King County Road Alert, how do I do that?
Visit the Road Alert subscription page and in the "Edit" column on the right side of the page, enter the e-mail address associated with your subscription. You should now be able to edit or delete your subscription. If this isn't working for you, please contact and be sure to include the name and e-mail address used with the subscription.
I believe that the status of a road listed on your closure list is incorrect, who should I contact?
Please call the 24/7 King County Road Helpline at 206-296-8100 or 1-800-527-6237 or e-mail
Why don’t you put out Road Alerts when an accident or other emergency has closed a road?
While the Road Services Division makes every attempt to provide timely information about road closures, the notifications are not real-time. Information is first gathered from crews out in the field and limits of the closure are confirmed prior to being posted on the Web. By the time this procedure has taken place, most short-term closures have already re-opened.
What information does Road Alert provide via RSS?
Road Alert uses RSS to deliver the location and status of road closures or hazardous travel conditions that have a significant impact on travel in unincorporated areas of King County. By monitoring Road Alert RSS feeds, subscribers stay informed of the status of closures and anticipated reopenings.

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based file format used by information publishers to immediately distribute content directly to subscribers in the format of their choice. For example, a news company may provide RSS feeds of its breaking news headlines. As a news consumer, you can subscribe to receive the latest headlines using an RSS reader (also called an aggregator). Find a list of RSS readers here. External link graphic

Access the Road Alert RSS feed here: