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Partnership (ETP)

ETP Structure: Members of ETP are appointed by their jurisdiction or agency. In January, ETP members select a Chair and Vice-Chair from their membership to lead the partnership's meetings for the upcoming year. Generally, each elected official representing a city or county has one vote. All "organizations" listed below that are cities or represent a group of cities have up to two votes, and King County has up to three votes. Other "organization" members such as public agencies, non-profits, are non-voting members. Certain members have different voting rights based on the issue being voted upon per the interlocal agreement establishing ETP.

2016 Eastside Transportation Partnership Membership


Voting Members:

Bellevue – Mayor John Stokes

Bellevue – Councilmember Kevin Wallace

Bellevue – Councilmember Vandana Slatter (Alt)

Bothell – Deputy Mayor Davina Duerr

Bothell - Councilmember James McNeal

Bothell – Mayor Andy Rheaume (Alt)

Bothell – Councilmember Tris Samberg (Alt)

Issaquah – Mayor Fred Butler

Issaquah – Councilmember Bill Ramos

Issaquah – Stacy Goodman (Alt)

Issaquah – Paul Winterstein (Alt)

Kenmore – Deputy Mayor Allan Van Ness (Chair)

Kenmore – Mayor David Baker

King County – Executive Dow Constantine

King County – Chris Arkills (Alt)

King County – Councilmember Lambert

King County – Councilmember Reagan Dunn

Kirkland – Deputy Mayor Jay Arnold

Kirkland – Councilmember Dave Asher

Mercer Island – Councilmember Jeff Sanderson

Mercer Island – Councilmember Wendy Weiker

Mercer Island –Mayor Bruce Bassett

Mercer Island – Deputy Mayor Debbie Bertlin

Newcastle – Councilmember John Drescher

Newcastle – Councilmember Allen Dauterman

Redmond – Councilmember John Stilin

Redmond – Councilmember Kim Allen

Renton – Councilmember Don Persson

Renton – Councilmember Ruth Perez

Sammamish – Mayor Don Gerend

Sammamish – Councilmember Tom Odell

Sammamish – Councilmember Kathy Huckabay

Sammamish - Deputy Mayor Ramiro Valderrama

Woodinville – Mayor Bernie Talmas

Woodinville – Councilmember Susan Boundy-Sanders


Small Cities:

Beaux Arts Village –

Clyde Hill –

Hunts Point –

Medina – Mayor Alex Morocos

Medina – Councilmember David Lee

Yarrow Point -


Snoqualmie Valley Governments Association:

Carnation – Councilmember Dustin Green (Alt)

Duvall – Councilmember Amy Ockerlander

North Bend – Councilmember Jeanne Pettersen

Snoqualmie – Councilmember Bob Jeans (Alt)


Non-Voting Members:

Community Transit - Brian Doennebrink

ETA – Dick Paylor

PSRC – Robin Mayhew

PSRC – Charlie Howard (Alt)

Sound Transit – Unappointed

WSDOT – Charles Prestrud


Contact Us:

Susan Oxholm
Government Relations and Partnership
Department of Transportation
201 South Jackson Street MS KSC-TR-0814
Seattle, WA 98104-3856
(206) 477-3629