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Feb. 2, 2011

Metro updating bus service starting Saturday

Many route and stop revisions for buses in downtown Seattle; more service on SR 520

Starting Saturday, Feb. 5, King County Metro Transit is updating its bus service. This includes routing and bus stop changes for approximately two dozen routes from various areas of the county that pass through downtown Seattle.

The downtown changes are designed to keep people moving during the long-term construction along the Seattle waterfront and SODO area. During this time, Metro is diverting much of its downtown service away from First Avenue between Edgar Martinez Drive and Broad Street.

Metro staffers are out on the street downtown for the next several days to help bus riders navigate the changes.

That’s not the only change coming up. Highlights for different areas of the county are below. Also, in almost all areas, some bus trips are being cut and scheduling changes made to save Metro money through efficiencies.

Bus riders across Metro’s service area should check winter schedules for the routes they use most often to see what’s new. They can prepare by picking up a new blue timetable and the Special Rider Alert brochure, which is also posted on Metro Online. Or, use the online Trip Planner for some advance research. Be sure to input a date of Feb. 5 or later, when using the Trip Planner.

Here are the highlights of the February changes:

Downtown Seattle

  • Routes shifting from First Avenue to Third Avenue are: 15, 18, 21, 22, 56, 57;
  • Routes shifting from Third Avenue to Second/Fourth avenues: 111, 114, 143, 157, 161;
  • Routes changing bus stop locations on Third Avenue: 16, 26, 28, 66;
  • Route 99 routing will loop to travel north on First Avenue and south on Alaskan Way. To avoid confusion when northbound service switches to First Avenue, Metro plans to identify the route simply as Route 99 rather than the Waterfront Streetcar Line.
  • Buses will no longer be “wrapped” to look like the old waterfront streetcars; and
  • Other routing changes for routes: 37, 81, 85, 116, 118, and 119.

Eastside & North

  • There are more trips on routes 255 and 311 as part of the additional bus service for the State Route 520 corridor;
  • New Route 309 will connect Kenmore with First Hill via Lake City and South Lake Union with commute-time express service; and
  • On Feb. 26, routes 230, 234, 236, 238, 245, 248, and 255 return to the rebuilt Kirkland Transit Center, existing reroutes continue until that date.

West & South

  • On weekdays, trips will be added to Route 54 between Seattle and White Center to increase the service frequency to every 10-15 minutes between 3:15 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Metro updates its routes and scheduling three times a year to improve service and keep up with the changing needs of transit customers.

Beyond bus service, Metro’s Rideshare Services provides resources for carpooling, vanpooling or vansharing. Carpooling and vanpooling match people traveling to common destinations. VanShare helps those who need to make a connection to or from bus service. You can VanShare from home and connect to your bus, or use VanShare from the bus stop or park-and-ride lot to complete a trip to work.

For information about all the services Metro provides, visit Metro Online, or call Metro Customer Information at (206) 553-3000.


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