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Dec. 2, 2010

New fares for Metro riders in 2011

King County Metro Transit is advising passengers of several fare changes starting in January 2011. Those changes will also apply to a number of transit pass products.

Beginning Jan. 1, all adult Metro riders will see a 25 cent fare increase. Fares for other Metro products, such as passes and ticketbooks, will also increase. Youth fares will remain unchanged.

Fares will also be changing for Access customers. Access fares will increase by 25 cents and monthly passes will cost $45.

While cash fares will remain at 75 cents for seniors and those who qualify for reduced fares, monthly passes will be going up.  Beginning with January 2011 pass purchases, those customers will need to purchase monthly $27 ORCA PugetPasses good for travel on six transit systems in the region. This will be a significant step in achieving regional fare coordination for all bus and light rail travel on Metro and Sound Transit service within King County.

Metro-only annual and monthly reduced fare passes will no longer be sold in 2011, but existing Metro-only annual reduced fare passes will continue to be valid until they expire.

This fare increase is one of several approaches Metro is using to help ease the effects of a severe budget shortfall. In addition to fares, Metro is pursuing a number of other actions to deal with the shortfall including efficiencies and staff reductions.

Customers can purchase ORCA cards and other fare products at Metro sales offices or they can order them by mail, phone or online.  Customers can find out more about how to purchase ORCA cards by visiting or by calling 1-888-988-6722.

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