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Nov. 27, 2006

KCDOT News Center
News from King County Department of Transportation
Release date:  Nov. 27, 2006 - 9 p.m.


Lowland snow, freezing temperatures causing hazardous driving countywide

As many motorists are discovering, travel all across King County is becoming increasingly treacherous tonight due to snowfall and plummeting temperatures. And weather conditions are not expected to improve much as we head toward the morning commute.
The King County Road Services Division reports numerous slick roadways in all areas of the county tonight as a result of snowfall that began during the afternoon commute.  While road crews are now operating around-the-clock to clear roadways of snow and ice, the potential for additional snow showers and sub-freezing temperatures will nevertheless make travel extremely hazardous just about everywhere over the next day or two.  
Until temperatures moderate, motorists should make every effort to be well prepared for winter driving and use extreme caution when traveling.  If you are heading out tomorrow morning, leave plenty of time to get to your destination or take the bus.  The Roads Division is also advising motorists to monitor the latest weather conditions and, if possible, postpone travel if conditions deteriorate further.
If you spot a problem on a road maintained by King County, report it by calling (206) 296-8100 or 1-800 KC ROADS.

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