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What is WorkSmart?

The WorkSmart program offers workplace strategies to help your company increase employee productivity, improve business continuity and contribute to environmental sustainability. These cutting-edge strategies include telework, coworking, compressed work week, and alternate scheduling. WorkSmart services are free to employers, thanks to the Washington State Department of Transportation, King County Metro, the City of Seattle, and the Federal Transit Administration.

Spend More Time Increasing Productivity

The WorkSmart team of experts has over 30 years of experience working with private, public and non-profit businesses. There is no cost to you, but endless long-term value for your business and employees.


WorkSmart’s free services include one-on-one consultation where we will:
• Lead you through every step to program implementation
• Assess potential and necessary steps for customized program delivery
• Assist with overcoming concerns
• Develop custom presentations and marketing materials
• Consult on technology needs
• Develop policies, procedures and agreements
• Train managers and employees
• Provide evaluation guidelines and strategies

What are the benefits of WorkSmart?

Employee Benefits
• Flexible schedules
• Reduced commuting expenses
• Improved morale
• Save 1-3 hours per day on commuting time

Employer Benefits
• Increase productivity by 10-20%
• Save 25-90% in overhead, in situations where employees do not require permanent workspace at the office
• Improve recruitment and retention (50-65% of employees cite telework as important to their jobs)
• Ensure business continuity in the event of construction projects or emergencies

Community & Environment Benefits
• Reduce vehicle miles traveled and traffic congestion
• Reduce green house gas emissions
• Credit toward LEED certification


Accolades and Major Awards:

In August 2016 King County Metro's WorkSmart program won the top award from the Association for Commuter Transportation's international conference.

“Every organization that utilizes the WorkSmart program is helping to take cars off the road,” said ACT President Robert Henry. “We applaud WorkSmart for encouraging Seattle area employers to think smart about their workers and their environmental impact and look forward to others following their lead in offering similar sustainable solutions.”








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Did you know...

In the 1980's, only two Fortune 100 companies offered compressed work weeks and only three offered telework. In 2013, 77 companies with that designation offer compressed work weeks and 85 offer telework! Source: Fortune Magazine