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 Do It Yourself

In Motion: Helping More People Drive Less!

Welcome to In Motion’s Do-It-Yourself page! Since 2004 King County Metro has been working with neighborhoods to help residents learn and try sustainable travel options instead of driving alone.

Together we have saved 126,961 gallons of gas! On average, each neighborhood that participates saves 1,245 pounds of CO2 in just 12 weeks!

Want to start an In Motion program in your neighborhood? King County offers examples and templates below.  By modifying them to fit your neighborhood, you can begin changing the travel dynamic in your community today. You can also contact Metro directly for more information and assistance.

How In Motion Works

The In Motion program was built using the foundations of community-based social marketing: speaking to the motivations of local communities by providing information, getting action commitments, and offering prompts and incentives to encourage new, healthier travel behavior.

Typical results for In Motion programs:

  • reported changes of 20% fewer drive-alone trips
  • corresponding increases in busing, biking, ridesharing and walking

If you would like to get started on organizing your own In Motion drive-less campaign, using some or all of the elements of King County Metro’s successful programs, you should:

  1. Download Our Basic Guide--The In Motion Tool Kit: Helping More People Drive Less
  2. Check out examples of our program materials and see how they may work for your neighborhood.
  3.  Contact King County Metro to let us know how you are planning to use these tools.



In Motion Factoids 

10% fewer rush hour automobile trips could eliminate the need for major highway expansion.


For more information on In Motion and behavior change, see Successfully Changing Travel Behavior..