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In Motion has helped over 17,000 people in 29 neighborhoods learn more about their travel options. 2012 was our biggest year ever with 4,290 people participating!

King County Metro Transit is partnering with local communities to encourage residents to use healthier travel options like the bus, carpooling, bicycling and walking. We know your life is very fast-paced, and Metro can show you faster travel alternatives that save you time and money. Reap the benefits of getting out of your car and explore other travel choices today!

Every car trip we reduce benefits our health and environment. Find out how you can get around without your car by checking out the In Motion page for your neighborhood!

Programs typically run in spring, summer and the fall. Active programs will be listed below or on the menu to your left. View past programs under the "more neighborhoods" link.

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Check out how you can calculate and improve your sustainability profile – to save money, improve health, and lighten your environmental footprint. Learn how making small changes can impact your health and your carbon footprint.


"[Because of In Motion] I am more aware of distances in my neighborhood and more willing to walk or bike because the store really isn't that far away."

"We talk about what errands need to be made in the office and how we can make consolidate trips into less days of the week. We carpool anytime we have events or meetings to attend... Nice job!"