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Welcome to In Motion,

encouraging King County residents to expand their transportation horizons for over 10 years!

Since 2004, In Motion has helped over 20,000 people in 32 King County neighborhoods increase their use of travel alternative. Every car trip we reduce benefits our health and environment. Collectively, these projects have saved 148,430 gallons of gas and kept more than 1,400 tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. King County Metro Transit partners with local communities to encourage residents to use healthier travel options like the bus, carpooling, bicycling, and walking.


Current Programs

This Spring, In Motion comes to South Park, White Center, West Seattle and Green Lake! If you live, work or attend school in these neighborhoods, be sure to sign up! Click on your neighborhood name below to sign up!

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The in motion team is also in Green Lake this spring to talk with residents about their travel options. Click below to learn more about how to get involved. 



Find out more about In Motion here.

Hear from our past participants here.

Check out these Useful Tools to help you explore your travel options!


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What People Are Saying... 

"[Because of In Motion] I am more aware of distances in my neighborhood and more willing to walk or bike because the store really isn't that far away."

"We talk about what errands need to be made in the office and how we can make consolidate trips into less days of the week. We carpool anytime we have events or meetings to attend... Nice job!"

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