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What kinds of data can I find at this site?
You will find our Transit data in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS). This dataset includes all King County Metro bus, Seattle Streetcar and King County Water Taxi service as well as Sound Transit Link light rail service and some but not all Sound Transit Regional Express bus service. This data defines King County Metro Transit service and includes but is not limited to schedule and associated geographic data.
How often is the data updated?
King County Transit has three service periods per year that change in February, June and September. Within each of the three major service periods we may make minor alterations and fine-tune our service and data every other week. Minor alterations on that schedule usually happen throughout the first half of the major service period and then taper off and cease in the final half.
When is the data for future service periods made available?
Typically the data for a future service period is ready for publication about four weeks ahead of the service change date. Because each major change in Transit service is different from the past, we occasionally need to adjust the timeline to account for these variations.
How will I learn if there are changes that I need to know about?
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Where do I go to get this data?
To access Metro's feed, you must first read and agree to King County Transit Data Terms of Use.
How much does King County data cost?
The Transit data provided in this feed is provided for your use free of charge.
Can I sell this data to others?
No.  You cannot sell this data. But you are free to use this data in applications you would like to sell and charge users for the application.
I discovered a problem with the data. How can I report it?
Please tell us about any inconsistencies or problems with our data by e-mailing us at
How do I get my app on the Metro App Center?
Does it use our data?  Does it work?  If so, e-mail us at with a link and brief description.

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