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Electric vehicles

Prepare to “plug in” to a new era of travel

Welcome to King County’s home page for news and information about electric vehicles. Here you will learn about what King County is doing to pave the way for the arrival of the next wave of transportation innovation, as the automotive industry readies itself for the first commercial models of plug-in vehicles. You’ll also find helpful links to consumer information about these vehicles, ways you can participate, and even ways to save money while doing it (see “More information” at right).

The King County Department of Transportation (KCDOT) has been taking a lead role on issues relating to climate change. The department recognizes that our reliance on fossil fuels cannot continue at the same pace because it is neither financially nor environmentally sustainable.

As part of King County’s strategic initiative to cut fuel consumption and harmful carbon emissions, KCDOT is unveiling its efforts to help drive America’s switch to electric automobiles. The county’s September 2008 Report on Electric Vehicles (163KB PDF) provides a blueprint for new standards for government fleets, lists incentives for using clean alternatives to fossil fuels, continues the county’s participation in a national plug-in vehicle demonstration project, and looks to new electric vehicle technology as the key to energy efficient transportation for the coming decade.

Release of the report comes as General Motors and Nissan have unveiled the nation’s first mass-produced, reasonably priced plug-in electric vehicles. The introduction of these vehicles in 2011 is rippling through the automobile industry causing other manufacturers to plan to introduce their own electric vehicles—just as the introduction of hybrid-electric cars, such as the Toyota Prius, had a few years ago.