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Community design for health and the environment

Welcome to HealthScape

HealthScape is King County's effort to promote public health by improving how communities are built. We are continuing to build on the work begun with the LUTAQH (Land Use, Transportation, Air Quality and Health) study, and our focus remains the same.

Land use patterns and transportation investments can play key roles in making communities healthier. Well-planned neighborhoods have features like connected street networks, nearby shopping, walking paths, and transit service. These amenities reduce dependency on cars, increase opportunities to be physically active, and improve air quality. As a next step, the county plans to develop tools that will help communities set priorities to promote individual health and reduce global warming.

Final Report

June 1, 2009: Final Report Released on HealthScape's Development Impact Assessment Tool

Our report is now complete detailing King County's HealthScape  programs's Development Impact Assessment Tool. This tool has been integrated into the I-Places3 modeling software developed by the Sacramento Council of Governments to help local governments make land-use policy decisions. This new "module" to I-Places3 includes a tool to predict impacts to community health and environmental impacts resulting from broad-based development alternatives.

To download the final report, follow this link:  I-PLACE3S Health & Climate Enhancements and Their Application in King County (1 MB)

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