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Housing & Community Development Program

Department of Community and Human Services
Division: Community Services Division

Chinook Building
401 Fifth Ave., Suite 510
Seattle, WA 98104

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Phone: 206-263-9062
Fax: 206-296-0156
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Department: Community and Human Services
Adrienne Quinn, Director

Housing Repair

Housing_Repair_LogoWelcome to the Housing Repair Program!

We provide funding for housing repair services to low-income homeowners and renters in most parts of King County, Washington. The locations within King County we do not serve are as follows: The city limits of Seattle, and Normandy Park. (Note: The city of Seattle has its own housing repair program. Click here to be transferred.)

Residents of Bellevue, Kent, Federal Way and Auburn must be referred to our program by their city's respective program. Click here for the contact information for these programs as well as other housing repair resources in King County.


Our funding is provided for necessary, quality-of-life improvements to your home. These are things such as replacing your roof, installing a new septic system, or making your living area or entrances more accessible. We do not fund the replacement of fences, remodeling of a kitchen, or the building of a garage. For renters with a disability, we provide funding to make your unit more accessible.

In order to determine which of your repairs/modifications we can provide funding for, we send a Housing Repair Program staff person to your home at a time of your convenience to perform an assessment.

The way we provide funding is through loans and grants. The loans we offer are available for up to $25,000 and at zero percent interest. Our grants are cash awards that do not have to be paid back. They are available for up to $6,000 for homeowner emergency issues and $8,000 for manufactured homeowners within a manufactured home park or a manufactured home occupying leased land .

Homeowner Loans and Grants


Deferred Payment Loan - A zero percent interest loan available for up to $25,000. This loan does not require you to make payments, so it is very different from a traditional bank loan. However, we do secure a mortgage document to your property. The loan must be paid off when: 1) You sell or transfer the property to a new owner; or 2) If you move out of the home and it is no longer your primary residence. More information


Matching Funds Loan - Under this program, a homeowner can match a loan from the Housing Repair program of up to $25,000 with one from a local lender or with private funds. If the total cost for the repairs exceed $50,000, the entire amount above $50,000 is the responsibility of the homeowner. As with the Deferred Payment Loan, this loan has a zero percent interest rate and does not require you to make payments. Also, the loan must be paid off when: 1) You sell or transfer the property to a new owner; or 2) If you move out of the home and it is no longer your primary residence. More information




Emergency Grants - Provides for up to $6,000 for immediate or life-threatening home repairs. This money does not have to be repaid. Emergency repairs can usually be completed quickly within one to three days from when you are approved for this grant. The emergency grants are determined by the Engineer/Inspector when they visit the repair site. More information


Manufactured Home Repair Grants - Awards up to $8,000 for mobile home owners who need to make quality-of-life repairs to their homes and do not own the land or pad where their mobile home sits. Similar to our Emergency Grants, these do not have to be repaid by an eligible manufactured home owner. More information


Renter Grants

Home Access Modifications Grants (ADA) - Provides up to $8,000 for low to moderate income renters with special access livability issues, and need to make accessibility modifications to their unit. Like our other grant programs, this funding does not have to be repaid. A tenant must have prior permission from their landlord before any unit modifications can be made. This program does not serve renters in Seattle, Kent, Auburn, Federal way,  or Normandy Park.  More information


Some of our programs have different eligibility criteria. Please visit the Web page for the programs listed above to learn whether you are eligible.

If you have any additional questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us weekdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 206-263-9095.


How to Apply                  



Please call us weekdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 206-263-9095 to complete the initial telephone application. Click here for a list of things you will be asked to share when you call.