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Department: Community and Human Services
Adrienne Quinn, Director

Welcome to the Homeless Youth & Young Adult Initiative

The Homeless Youth and Young Adult (YYA) Initiative is King County's community-wide response to prevent and end homelessness among young people. The Initiative is led by the King County Committee to End Homelessness, richly advised by agency and government leaders, supported by private philanthropy and the public sector, and grounded in the voices and input of homeless and formerly homeless young people.

News and Events

Please find a summary of our collective work to prevent and end homelessness among youth and young adults here.

Count Us In
Count Us In 2015, our community's daylong count of homeless and unstably housed youth and young adults, will be held on January 22, 2015. For details or questions, please contact Samantha Wiese at

Results are available from Count Us In 2014, conducted on January 23, 2014. Count Us In is King County’s annual effort to count youth and young adults (YYA) aged 12-25 who are unstably housed or homeless. The full report is available here, and a one page overview is available here.

Comprehensive Plan to Prevent and End Youth and Young Adult Homelessness in King County

After several months of working with community stakeholders, providers, funders and youth and young adults, the final Comprehensive Plan to Prevent and End Youth and Young Adult Homelessness in King County by 2020, which identifies our community’s vision to end homelessness among YYA in King County by 2020 and our 18 month implementation strategy to begin delivering on this vision, is available for public release!  Read more about the plan.

The Comprehensive Plan was developed through robust community involvement and has been endorsed by the Funders Groups for the Committee to End Homelessness (CEH) and YYA, the CEH Governing Board, Interagency Council, and the YYA Advisory Group. 

Next Steps: More information from the YYA Initiative will be available in the coming weeks as we develop our 18-month implementation plan, which outlines next steps and the work ahead.

Monthly Stakeholder Forum
The Stakeholder Forums happen every 4th Tuesday of the month from 2:00-3:30 at rotating locations around the county. This is a monthly opportunity to hear about what is happening with the Homeless YYA Initiative, our regional effort to prevent and end YYA homelessness, particularly related to implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.
Next meeting: No Stakeholder Forum in December. Forums will change to quarterly in 2015; schedule to be determined.

Guide to Homeless YYA Initiative Meetings
The Homeless YYA Initiative is a collaboration between many providers, funders, and other stakeholders - as a result, there are numerous committees and meetings throughout the year. This guide details key meetings related to the Initiative (including times, purpose and contact people) during 2015. 

Community Sign In Has Launched!

Community Sign In (CSI), part of our coordinated engagement system for YYA, launched in November 2013. YYA ages 13 to 25 will complete Community Sign In the first time they arrive at drop in centers, meal programs, or young adult shelters in the homeless YYA continuum. The purpose of CSI is to 1) divert YYA from homeless services when possible through family reunification; 2) promote consistent data collection on YYA homelessness; and 3) obtain a more comprehensive number of YYA who are using our continuum by aligning data collection at every drop in center, meal program and young adult shelter in the continuum of care.  

The CSI Policy Guide and other materials related to CSI are available under Coordinated Engagement at right. 

Youth Housing Connection (YHC) - Has Launched!

King County officially launched a system of "Coordinated Engagement" for homeless youth and young adults on July 17,k 2013. Coordinated Engagement will direct young people's access to housing by coordinating their applications, applying a common strengths-based assessment, and placing them in programs that have worked for other young people like them. The design was developed by a community-based work group that included provider and youth input. Through a competitive RFP process, Catholic Community Services was selected as the lead agency to manage the process and is in the development stages, including hiring staff, conducting a housing inventory and creating the assessment tool.

Young adults age 18-25 (without children) who are homeless or about to lose their housing, can visit one of these locations to meet with a YHC staff and complete an assessment for housing:

        Auburn Youth Resources  --  Friends of Youth  --  New Horizons  --  ROOTS  
        Street Youth  --  Ministries  --  Teen Feed  --  UDYC  --  YMCA Center for Young Adults
        YouthCare's James W. Orion Center

Or if not connected to one of these agencies, call 2-1-1.

For information regarding Youth Housing Connection, contact: Scott Schubert
, CCS Program Manager at | 206.406.9374, or visit their website,, for a complete list of agencies and drop-in schedules.

For information regarding the Youth and Young Adult Initiative contact:
Megan Gibbard, Homeless YYA Initiative Project Manager | | 206-263.2974
Carrie Whitaker Hennen, Homeless YYA Initiative Project Planner I I 206-263-1230


Homeless YYA Initiative Background
Priority Action Steps to Prevent and End Youth/Young Adult Homelessness: An Implementation Plan
CEH YYA Initiative Summary
Engagement Strategy
Funders Investment Priority
January YYA Progress Report

Comprehensive Plan to End YYA Homelessness
Comprehensive Plan Overview
YYA Convening 6.27.13
Homeless YYA Initiative Logic Model v18
Final Comprehensive Plan to End YYA Homelessness

Coordinated Engagement
YHC at Year 1 Presentation
Community Sign In Policy Guide October 2014
Community Sign In Consent and Release Form June 2014
Community Sign In Launch Presentation
Community Sign In Launch FAQs
King County YYA CE
Participating YYA CE Housing Programs
YHC Flyer
YHC Flyer Spanish
CCS Communication to Partners
YHC Schedule (9.13)
CSI Forms Spanish
CSI at 6 Months Presentation
UWKC Family Reunification Resource Guide

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