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Enhancing our shared quality of life in a region that is known for being the best place to get outside, recreate and explore is at the heart of the King County Park’s mission. It’s exactly this shared sense of adventure among our public and private partners that has made our Community Partnerships and Grants program a success for more than 10 years. The CPG program’s track record of community celebrated projects has much to do with the depth of our partner’s long-term visions that go the distance in leveraging their commitment, passion and resources.  The objective of each and every project is to advance the goal of creating more opportunities for you to get down to the serious business of playing while keeping publicly funded operating and maintenance costs neutral. 
We proudly work with a wide variety of partners – user groups, sports associations, recreation clubs, and other non-profit organizations – and we empower them to construct, develop, program and/or maintain new or enhanced public recreation facilities on King County land. Once the ribbon is cut on a completed project, you can imagine there is no shortage of high-fives to go around!

How it Works

King County contributes use of land and capital improvement grants for successful partnership proposals. Community partners contribute the necessary additional capital and in-kind resources to develop the new or enhanced facility, as well as the operations, maintenance, and programming, which is typically accomplished through volunteers,  revenue-based programs and other resources.

There are currently more than 50 CPG projects in various stages of development and implementation including preliminary discussions, initial negotiations, pre-planning, design development, permitting, construction and/or completed projects with ongoing operations.

Contact Information
To discuss a project idea on King County Parks' lands or to learn more about the CPG Program, please contact:
T.J. Davis, Program Manager
Scott Thomas, Program Manager