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What is King County Parks Foundation?

King County Parks has taken an ambitious step towards safeguarding the next 75 years by partnering with Laird Norton Wealth Management and The Seattle Foundation to establish the King County Parks Foundation. The foundation will seek to leverage private donations, including land, to connect existing green space and trails, grow parks and trails by supporting new acquisitions of land and easements and increase recreational opportunities across King County’s parks and trails.


Why is the Foundation important?

King County Parks generates 20 percent of its annual budget from business revenues and the remainder from a voter supported levy. These funds are essential for Parks’ daily operations and maintenance, but they are simply not enough to properly invest in long-term legacy projects that will preserve beautiful places for leisure, protect our water and wildlife, and respond to growing recreation needs for generations to come. 

How can you get involved?

Please join us by investing in the next 75 years of King County Parks. Together, we can continue in our efforts to preserve the water that rushes in our rivers and laps on our shores, the mountains that cradle us with panoramic views and the stands of fir trees that make forests of our backyards.


Mission Statement 

The King County Parks Foundation is devoted to cultivating private-sector philanthropy to connect communities to regional trails, open space and parks and to support the resiliency of the parks system for future generations.  

Foundation Goals

  • Enhance the health and mobility of all individuals, families and communities
  • Increase access to parks and trails for all residents
  • Support and attract businesses by providing parks that contribute to a vibrant quality of life 
  • Maintain and grow green space that contributes to clean water, clean air and animal habitat 

Foundation Priorities

The foundation will seek to achieve these goals by leveraging private donations, including land, to:

  • Connect existing green space and trails
  • Grow parks and trails by supporting new acquisitions of land and easements
  • Increase recreational opportunities across King County’s parks and trails