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The KCGIS Training Calendar is updated occasionally due to new or rescheduled events. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us!
August 2016
3 KCGIS User Group
3 Workshop: GIS is for Everyone: Web Map & App Development, Mapping Data with ArcGIS Online
September 2016
12–13 CLASS: Fundamentals of ArcGIS
14–16 CLASS: Intermediate GIS Concepts
19–20 TeachMeGISSpatial Analyst – Working with Rasters (external links)
21 BBW: Web-Based Property Research
21–22 TeachMeGISData QC and Cleanup (external links)
October 2016
5 KCGIS User Group
10–11 CLASS: Fundamentals of ArcGIS
12–14 CLASS: Intermediate GIS Concepts
17–19 NWETC: ArcGIS 10: Geoprocessing-Advanced Techniques for Environmental Applications (external links)
19 BBW: Using LibTool
November 2016
2–3 GeoSpatial Training Services: Introduction to Spatial Statistics Using ArcGIS Desktop and R (external links)
4 GeoSpatial Training Services: Introduction to QGIS (external links)
9 BBW: GIS is for Everyone: Create an Interactive Web Map, Introduction to ArcGIS Online
GIS Academy™ November 14–18
14 CLASS: Staying Current with GIS: Beyond the Basics
14 CLASS: Document Your Data: Mastering Metadata
15 CLASS: Managing Tabular Data Using SQL and GIS Tools
16 CLASS: Topics in Advanced GIS Editing
17 CLASS: Efficient Geoprocessing Using ModelBuilder
18 CLASS: Effective Analysis: A Tour of GIS Tools
18 CLASS: Putting It All Together: A Project Workshop to Visualize Your Data
December 2016
7 KCGIS User Group
12–13 CLASS: Fundamentals of ArcGIS
14 BBW: What is GIS?
14–16 CLASS: Intermediate GIS Concepts
19–20 TeachMeGIS3D Analyst – Mapping the Next Dimension (external links)
21–22 TeachMeGISMaking Better Maps – the Art of Conveying the Right Message (external links)