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See also: Boundaries for jurisdiction and administrative maps.


Print Size: 11 X 17 inches each

Maps by Rose Curran
King County Department of Community and Human Services
March 8, 2011

Census 2010 Number of Persons by Color map (click for preview: 99Kb GIF)

Number of Persons of Color by Block Group

1.1Mb PDF

Census 2010 Percent Persons of Color map (click for preview: 67Kb GIF)

Percent Persons of Color by Block Group

1.1Mb PDF

Census 2010 Race and Ethnicity map (click for preview: 165Kb GIF)

Race and Ethnicity by Block Group

3.6Mb PDF


Generalized Zoning map thumbnail

This map depicts a single contiguous, generalized data layer of zoning boundaries and designations for all areas of King County. The data has been compiled from multiple jurisdictions and is meant for a public audience. Refer to local jurisdictions for official zoning designations and descriptions within each jurisdiction.


  • PDF map
  • 36 x 24 inches

  • Metadata for the principal data layer
  • Zoning for King County - 20 category scheme

Created by the King County GIS Center

Published September 20, 2016

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