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The Duwamish community is a one-of-a-kind mix of people, businesses and nature. Everyone is working together to create a healthier place to live, work and play. The Georgetown and South Park neighborhoods are on either side of the Duwamish. The residents in these communities are proud of their strength, involvement, diversity and the local amenities.  

King County is also a member of the Duwamish community that shares in a positive vision for the area's future. We want to have one of the cleanest urban working rivers in the world that provides:

  • Above-average wage jobs which are accessible to people who may not have advanced education.
  • A thriving industrial corridor that attracts business and investment.
  • Fish people can catch and safely eat from the river (and education about fish they cannot safely eat).
  • Vibrant, diverse communities with access to nature and river views.
  • Healthy wildlife ranging from small organisms in the sediment to fish, birds, and otters.

We work to protect public health, promote economic growth and protect the environment. Read more about our involvement on Your Neighbor in the Duwamish. You can also explore more organizations working for a clean river and thriving communities by browsing through the links below. These groups provide ways for everyone to be involved in the Duwamish.

Duwamish community groups and organizations