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May Creek Basin Plan
Final Adopted

May Creek Basin PlanThe Final Adopted May Creek Basin Action Plan was developed as a management tool providing regulatory guidance, programs, and capital projects aimed at these primary goals:

  • Reduce the threat of flooding to citizens in the May Creek Basin;
  • Make infrastructure improvements that will facilitate stormflow conveyance, stabilize stream banks, and reduce erosion;
  • Protect and enhance fish and wildlife habitat and water quality in the basin; and
  • Take reasonable steps to prevent existing problems from worsening in the future.

The King County Council adopted this basin plan on April 23, 2001. King County staff have now begun implementing primary recommendations in the plan.

For questions about this plan or to purchase a paper copy of the May Creek Basin Plan, please refer to the WLR document list for availability or call 206-296-6519..

The plan text and figures are provided here in version 3 of Adobe Acrobat. For help using Acrobat, please see our Acrobat help page.

Final Adopted May Creek Basin Action Plan

Figure 1-1 Basin Vicinity Map

Figure 2-1 Water Features/Subareas Map

Figure 3-1 Primary Recommendations Projects Location Map

Figure 3-2 Subcatchment Boundaries Map

Figure 3-3 Retention/Detention Standards Map

Figure 3-4 Zoning Map

Figure 3-5 Secondary Recommendation Projects Location Map

Figure E-1 Lower Basin Conditions

Figure E-2 May Valley Conditions

Figure E-3 East Renton Plateau Conditions

Figure E-4 Highlands Conditions