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The Metropolitan Water Pollution Abatement Advisory Committee, or MWPAAC, advises the Metropolitan King County Council and the King County Executive on matters related to water pollution abatement.

It was created by state law (RCW 35.58.210 ) and consists of representatives from cities and local sewer utilities that operate sewer systems within King County's service area.


Coming soon: required business wastewater survey

In early spring 2016, look for a letter from King County with an online survey about your organization’s wastewater. All companies are required to complete the survey.

King County helps companies protect the environment while doing their business. King County is surveying thousands of companies and organizations that may send industrial wastewater to the sewer. “Industrial wastewater” comes from almost any business processes except toilets and sinks in bathrooms or break rooms.

All companies must dispose of their waste properly. But, only some need permits or formal authorization to send industrial wastewater to the sewer. Your answers to the survey will help determine what your organization needs. Even if you only have rest rooms or break rooms on site, your response to the survey is important.

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