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Family working to remove invasives at Sierra Heights Park Family working to remove invasives at Sierra Heights Park

It's Summer!

Time for weeding and summer fun!

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Outdoor event

  • Saturday July 18, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    Cavanaugh Pond Natural Area (East of Renton)
    Cast & Dig: 6th Annual Fly Fishing Event (6.7 Mb pdf) includes invasive plant removal, then instructions and lessons in fly fishing casting, a Cedar River Naturalist walk and water play (bring your own squirt gun and water shoes!)
    Contact Tina Miller
King County Skyway firefighters wielded the mighty weed wrenches to remove Scot’s Broom from Skyway Park
King County Skyway firefighters wielded the mighty weed wrenches to remove Scot's Broom from Skyway Park.

Other volunteer opportunities

Native plant holding facility
Groups are needed to care for salvaged native trees and shrubs at our holding facility near Sammamish. To schedule a group work party, please contact Cindy Young.

Adopt-a-Park or Trail & Park Ambassador Programs
These programs provide opportunities for groups or individuals to help maintain King County's 180 parks, 175 miles of regional trails, and 130 miles of backcountry trails.  For more information please contact Laurie Clinton, volunteer program manager.

Salmon counts and habitat restoration

Volunteer Lake Stewardship Program
Get outside to help monitor water quality at select lakes in King County.

Be a Weed Watcher
Sign up to adopt a trail or lake , keep an eye out and enter weed survey data and locations.

Master Recycler Composter Program
Sign up for free training to learn about waste reduction, recycling, solid waste impacts on climate change and public outreach, and help other citizens reduce waste.

For more information about volunteering in King County, please contact Laurie Clinton, Volunteer Coordinator, King County Parks and Recreation Division.