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Envirostars (external link)
Directory of environmentally-friendly businesses for citizens who prefer doing business with companies proven to care for our environment.

Northwest natural yard and garden
Earth-friendly tips, tools and resources King County provides to save resources, reduce pollution, and promote sustainability and biodiversity in the maritime Pacific Northwest region that includes King County.

Sustainable building
Services and resources for developers, architects, engineers and homeowners to build in ways that are beneficial now and over the long-term.

  • Land stewardship
    Find out how to make a stewardship plan in rural areas and related to agriculture and forestry.

Puget Sound Fresh (external link)
Look up fresh produce to buy from local farms in King County and around Puget Sound.

Environmental resources for teachers and students
Learn about King County's educational programs and find environmentally-oriented information developed for learners young and old.

The Dirt: calendar of hands-on volunteer events
Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty doing good things alongside your neighbors.

Conservation Futures Program
King County celebrates 30 years of land stewardship, funding the protection of forests, farms and recreation areas across King County.

It's Easy Being Green: let King County show you how

Forestry CPR: Climate Preparedness and Response
Learn how to optimize forest health for aesthetics, wood production and to sequester tons of carbon from our atmosphere.  Includes map-based tools for parcels in King County, Washington.

What you can do to reduce greenhouse gases now

  1. Bus, bike or walk instead of driving;
  2. Be energy efficient;
  3. Become and EcoConsumer;
  4. Seek zero waste - reduce, reuse, recycle, compost;
  5. Buy locally-grown food (external link);
  6. Make your home and garden greener;
  7. Restore habitat;
  8. Know your carbon footprint (external link);
  9. Change your thinking;
  10. Plug in…to the local environmental action community.

As of 2012, 66,072 acres of the land zoned Rural and Agriculture in King County demonstrate stewardship with a farm plan, forest plan and/or enrollment in conservation incentive programs.

For more information about environmental stewardship in King County, please contact Logan Harris, Communications Director, DNRP Public Affairs Unit.

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Jul. 30, 2014
Local companies recognized for environmental stewardship
Industrial facilities earn awards for business practices that sustain local jobs while protecting water quality

Mar. 4, 2014
GoGreen Seattle: Going beyond business and sustainability as usual

Apr. 19, 2013
King County honors 12 environmental leaders with Green Globe Awards
Louise Miller, Environmental Catalyst
Cascade Bicycle Club, Leader in Community Stewardship
Friends of the Cedar River Watershed (FCRW), Leader in Community Stewardship

Aug. 28, 2012
External report, KPLU
Why King County held a party for a property tax audio

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