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King County Sheriff

Leadership, Integrity, Service, Teamwork

   King County Sheriff

Emergency: Call 9-1-1

Call (206) 296-3311 24-hours to report a neighborhood problem or a crime that is not an emergency.

King County Courthouse
516 Third Ave
Room W-150
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 296-4155
TTY Relay: 7-1-1












Fire/Arson Investigation Unit (FIU)

The Fire/Arson Investigation Unit conducts comprehensive fire investigations to determine the origin and cause of fires and performs criminal investigation of those fires determined to be arson. Criminal investigation includes all that is necessary for the identification, apprehension and prosecution of those responsible for committing the crime of arson. FireInvestigatorsHomePagePhoto

The FIU also investigates associated crimes that are perpetrated in the commission of an arson fire. These investigations include coordination with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies within the State of Washington and nationwide.

The Fire/Arson Investigators participate in courtroom testimony and depositions rendering expert opinions.



Contact Us:

Fire/Arson Investigation Unit
Administration Bldg, Suite 200
500 Fourth Ave, ADM-SO-0200
Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: 206-263-2070
Fax: 206-296-6674