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King County Sheriff

Leadership, Integrity, Service, Teamwork

   King County Sheriff

Emergency: Call 9-1-1

Call (206) 296-3311 24-hours to report a neighborhood problem or a crime that is not an emergency.

King County Courthouse
516 Third Ave
Room W-150
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 296-4155
TTY Relay: 7-1-1












Begin a career as a Sheriff's Office deputy.  How will YOU wear YOUR star?

Accept the challenge!The King County Sheriff's Office is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. With a commissioned staff of more than 675, we are among the largest sheriff’s departments in the country in the 13th largest county (pop.) in the U.S.  Our deputies have opportunities to serve in many different communities, including unincorporated King County, numerous city police departments, two transit police agencies, among others.

What kind of deputy careers do we offer?

We offer countless unique assignments that range from school or community-based positions to drug enforcement and bomb disposal. Some deputies stay in a specialized career assignment, while others move between assignment types as they advance or expand their expertise. Regardless of your assignment, you’ll serve the citizens of local communities and work with them and your peers to solve crime problems. Applying to become a KCSO deputy sheriff is your first step towards an exciting and rewarding law enforcement career serving your community.

Who do we hire and how often?

The King County Sheriff's Office actively recruits qualified new and lateral-entry (previous experience) applicants throughout the year. We will have 2015 openings with plans to put five entry-level new hires in each academy class until further notice, plus two lateral hires per month.  Applicants should begin the process as soon as possible.  Testing now is encouraged in order to be eligible for an Oral Board which are held monthly (at a minimum).

Accept the challenge!

We strive to recruit candidates who represent the diversity of the communities we serve. We welcome men and women of every culture and ethnic background, and believe that the internal environment of the KCSO supports and respects the differences that exist between us. If you can embrace our mission, vision, goals and core values, then we are interested in you.

If you don't have experience as a commissioned officer, you should apply as an entry-level deputy. Lateral-entry deputies must have one or more years of experience as a commissioned law enforcement officer post-probation. Our wage package allows for advanced step wage placement, using a sliding scale based on your experience, training and education.

What are the qualifications?

You may be asking yourself, "Do I have what it takes?" Well, there are a few basic qualifications and disqualifiers that you can check out very quickly. These qualifications are absolute musts. Note that there are some additional qualifications for lateral entry applicants. You can also use the self-screening tool to see if you are the candidate we are looking for.Accept the challenge!

How can I learn more? 

To learn more, we invite you to attend a free Deputy Information Session (workshop). The workshop is led by our recruiter, who will provide you with a complete overview of what to expect during the testing and hiring process. Our recruiter is an experienced deputy who will also give you an idea of what the job is really like and how to reach your goal.  It is very informal and the only things you need to bring are your questions and perhaps pen & paper for note-taking.  Workshop dates and times will be posted on this page in the upper right corner.  They are usually held at 7:00pm in downtown Seattle.

Email our recruiter directly at kcso.recruiter@kingcounty.govEric_White


Deputy Information Sessions (DIS) are monthly!

Learn about the entire deputy testing and hiring process.  DIS workshops are free and are offered monthly. Upcoming session dates are: Feb 12, Mar 3, Apr 1 (no foolin!), May 6 and June 2.  These sessions are held in downtown Seattle, in the Chinook Building (Room 123) - from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM. The sessions are informal. Bring nothing but note-taking materials, if you wish. Oral Boards are held the 3rd week of each month (Tues-Thurs).

*email Dave Palus for details

Email Deputy Dave Palus:  to reserve your seat!  Please specify which date you would like.

From 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Chinook Building, Room 123
401 - 5th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

Directions:  North or southbound, use the James Street exit off of I-5.  The Chinook building is just 2 blocks away at the corner of Jefferson Street & 5th Ave; metered street parking is until 8pm in many places in the city - please read the posted signs! Travel further south on 5th Ave into the Int'l District for more available street spaces.  Take into account heavy traffic and parking issues.

Can't attend in person?  View a copy of the presentation here (updated 1/26/16 - requires Adobe PDF Viewer - 1.2 MB file)

KCSO is hiring at least 5 entry-levels and as many laterals per month as possible until further notice!  Laterals do not take the physical agility tests and the application process takes only 5-6 weeks for a lateral job offer!  Contact NTN today to sign-up; this opens the application.  The process can take anywhere from 6-10 months for entry-level applicants.

Those genuinely interested in a law enforcement career may request a ride-along by contacting MPO Ryan Mikulcik:  You must be minimum 20 years of age.

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