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Regional Animal Services

Providing animal care and control services to 25 cities and unincorporated King County

Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC)

Pet Adoption Center
21615 64th Ave. S.
Kent, WA 98032

Eastside Pet Adoption Center
12040 NE 85th St. (inside Petco)
Kirkland, WA 98033

206-296-PETS (7387)
TTY Relay 711

General Info

Pet Adoptions

Pet Licensing


Regional Animal Services of King County gladly accepts donations for helping our animals. You can donate online, mail in a donation by check, or see our wish list (PDF) for items to contribute. Cash donations can be deposited into any one of four funds: the Animal Benefit Bequest Fund, the Spay/Neuter Fund, the Help the Animals (Angel) Fund, or the Animal Retention Fund.

Benefit Bequest Fund
An overall donation account that may be used for any program, service or purchase that benefits the animals including, but not limited to, facility improvements, services for hard-to-place animals, or any of the services outlined in the Spay/Neuter, Help the Animals, or Animal Retention funds.

Spay/Neuter Fund
Donations may be used to pay or offset the cost of spaying and neutering of pets, promote public awareness about the benefits and importance of spaying and neutering, or to purchase new spay and neuter equipment that may not otherwise be obtained.

Help the Animals Fund (Angel Fund)
Donations may be used to provide shelter and/or veterinary care for abused animals or pay for medical care associated with rehabilitating sick and injured animals through our Foster Care Program.

Animal Retention Fund
Donations may be used for such activities as developing public education videos, advertisements, classes, or other programs that promote responsible pet ownership or provide tools for correcting animal behavior.

Donate online, or send a check to:

Regional Animal Services of King County
Attn: Donation
500 Fourth Ave., Suite 403
Seattle, WA 98104

Wish List

While great animals await their permanent homes, there are a few items they could really use to support their needs at the Pet Adoption Center. Toys or pet-related items on the right column of this page or in this wish list (PDF) would go a long way to ensure that adoptable pets have a more comfortable stay at the Pet Adoption Center.

Donations brochure (PDF)

Pet Supply Wish List (PDF)

For Dogs

  • Kuranda brand dog beds
  • Kong brand dog toys
  • 4" solid rubber balls
  • Dog collars (Martingale style)
  • Two-handled dog leashes (example)
  • Easy-Walk brand harnesses
  • Clickers for dog training
  • Natural Balance brand lamb dog food rolls (for training)
  • Canned paté-type dog food (for stuffing Kongs)
  • Headlamps (for our dog walker volunteers)
  • Oatmeal-based pet shampoo and conditioner
  • Exercise pens (for dog training)
  • Dog crates and kennel cabs

For Cats

  • Kitten milk replacer (KMR brand)
  • Microwaveable warming discs (e.g. SnuggleSafe brand)
  • Heating pads/lamps
  • Animal nursing bottles
  • Jars of Gerber brand meat baby food (no onion powder)
  • Quality canned cat food
  • Canned pumpkin
  • Cat toys
  • Scratching posts
  • Stretch and Scratch brand cat kennel scratching pads
  • Plastic cat carriers (new or gently used)

Other Items

  • Pet supply store gift cards
  • Gas cards
  • Bounce brand dryer sheets
  • Advantage brand flea treatment
  • Windows-based laptop computers
  • Digital camera
  • Photo lighting equipment
  • Duct tape
  • Knee pads (for our volunteers)
  • Aquariums
  • Grooming tools
  • Bales of pine shavings for livestock