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National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Image: NIMS cover

The Department of Homeland Security has developed a comprehensive nationwide framework for incident management that will enable responders at all levels to work together more effectively to manage incidents no mater what the cause, size or complexity. The National Incident Management System (NIMS) incorporates best practices currently in use by incident managers at all levels. It was developed through extensive outreach to state, local and tribal officials, the emergency response community and the private sector.

NIMS is managed and maintained by the NIMS Integration Center (NIC), which provides strategic direction for the oversight of the system. The NIC will facilitate the development of a national system of guidelines, protocols and standards for NIMS implementation; training requirements, national-level training standards and assessment criteria for the various components of NIMS; and compliance requirements and timelines for implementation.

Adoption of NIMS by state and local organizations is required in order to obtain federal preparedness assistance. Grant funding for FFY06 will be contingent upon adoption and implementation of NIMS by October of 2005.

NIMS Components:

  • Command and management
  • Preparedness
  • Resource management
  • Communications and information management
  • Supporting technologies
  • Ongoing management and maintenance

Region 6 NIMS Implementation Summary

In Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 5, Management of Domestic Incidents, the President directed the development and administration of the National Incident Management System (NIMS). The NIMS provides a consistent nationwide approach for Federal, State, territorial, tribal, and local governments to work effectively and efficiently together to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from domestic incidents, regardless of cause, size or complexity. This integrated system establishes a uniform set of processes, protocols, and procedures that all emergency responders, at every level of government, will use to conduct response actions.

From both Federal and State levels, all "first responder" agencies (including fire, law enforcement, HAZMAT, emergency medical, public works, public health, emergency communications, emergency management, and other agencies involved in disaster preparedness, prevention, response and recovery activities), have received direction to support the nation-wide implementation of NIMS.

NIMS Training and Classes

To identify which NIMS courses you need to take, see FEMA's guidelines (external link) on NIMS compliance.

The following courses are available online and free at either FEMA Independent Study Program (external link):

  • FEMA IS-700: NIMS, An Introduction
  • FEMA IS-800: National Response Framework
  • ICS-100: Introduction to ICS or equivalent
  • ICS-200: Basic ICS or equivalent