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Emergency Management

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King County Emergency Management
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Enhanced 9-1-1 Program
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Homeland Security grants

Content on this page is outdated. Please call 206-296-3830 for assistance.

Grant opportunities

FFY13 Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) Form

As of August 2012, we are unsure that the HSGP grants will be continuing. We are continuing with the grant proposal submission and review process.


A. Please note that funds are likely to be limited and must be targeted. 

B. Proposals must address at least one of the three priorities that the Dept of Homeland Security identified in the 2012 grant guidance:

  • Priority 1: Advancing “Whole Community” Security and Emergency Management
  • Priority 2: Building Prevention and Protection Capabilities
  • Priority 3: Maturation and Enhancement of State and Major Urban Area Fusion Centers

C. Projects with Dual-Use: Many capabilities which support terrorism preparedness simultaneously support preparedness for other hazards. Grantees must demonstrate the dual-use quality for any activities implemented that are not explicitly focused on terrorism preparedness.

D. Send completed proposals to by midnight December 1st, 2012.


Since September 11th, King County government and its regional partners, including the City of Seattle, surrounding counties, other cities, and special purpose districts, have been awarded more than $ 96 million from the federal government to increase local capabilities to prepare for and respond to a terrorist attack. These funds are being used for the following types of projects:

  • Equipment and training for first responders
  • Transit and port security
  • Public health preparedness planning
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Continuity of government planning
  • Citizen preparedness training and public education
  • Terrorism & natural disaster scenario exercises

Following is a breakdown of federal homeland security funding by fiscal year:

2002  $8.3 million
2003 $40.5 million
2004 $26.8 million
2005 $21.1 million
2006 $11.2 million
2007  $5.9 million 
2008 $5.5 million 
2009 $6.7 million
2010 $5.1 million 
Total $131.1 milion 

Of the total, King County Office of Emergency Management administers $34.6 million in homeland security funds that increase the capabilities of both county government and other regional partners. Remaining funds are administered by the City of Seattle, the Port of Seattle, Snohomish and Pierce Counties and other King County agencies. For more specific details on grants awarded in our region and managed through King County Office of Emergency Management, please send questions to

Grant guidelines

For program guidelines visit the Homeland Security Programs (external link) web page.

Reference material for sub grantees receiving Homeland Security funds through King County Office of Emergency Management

King County Office of Emergency Management administers funds from Homeland Security grants received for the region in three ways:

  • Sub granting to different agencies

In an effort to provide a clear overview of what our sub granting process entails to those agencies receiving Homeland Security grant funds as "sub grantees", we have dedicated a web page on our site that will provide all information needed from the time funds have been allocated to sub granted projects to the final stage of the process which includes a request by agencies to this office for reimbursement of expenditures of their projects.

  • Serving as a liaison between the State and agencies within our region

A few of our projects take advantage of the State contracts to purchase equipment at better prices. In those cases, King County Office of Emergency Management acts as a liaison between the requesting agency and the State to effectively purchase equipment. A web page will be added in the near future to provide all information needed to those agencies receving equipment through this process.

  • Internal project management

These projects are managed by King County Office of Emergency Management.

Other Information

Contact information:

Please send any questions or concerns to