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Office of Emergency Management

King County Office of Emergency Management
3511 NE 2nd Street
Renton, WA 98056
Main Phone: 206-296-3830
Toll Free: 800-523-5044
Fax: 206-205-4056

Enhanced 911 Program
Seattle, WA
E-911 program office

King County Office of Emergency Management

​The Emergency Coordination Center activates in support of the Snohomish County slide disaster 

King County's Emergency Coordination Center has been activated to support the Oso slide recovery efforts. King County departments and our many partner agencies are providing assistance in areas such as public affairs, logistics, operations, planning and communications. Ways you can help

Spring: Time for safety check

March and April often bring increased rainfall and winter snow melt, resulting in gorged rivers and soggy roadways. Take extra precautions and obey road closure signs. Know alternate routes to and from your home. If you live or travel through a known flood plain, sign up for King County Flood Alerts.
Make emergency preparedness a way of life by involving your whole family. Take these simple steps:

Make a plan. Know how you and your loved ones will communicate when communication systems are down, and where you will meet if separated.

Build a kit. Include food, water, medications, toiletries, a first aid kit, flashlight and extra batteries, warm blankets and clothing, and other essential supplies for every member of your household (including pets). Keep a kit at home and in your car.

Stay informed. Monitor local radio stations for important safety information and updates. Be sure to have a battery-operated radio and extra batteries on hand.

It's also a good idea to get to know your neighbors. During an emergency you can help each other and share needed resources. Find more emergency planning tips and checklists at

Resilient King County initiative seeks to develop long-term disaster recovery strategy

This initiative is a county-wide, two-year planning process for crafting a comprehensive long-term recovery strategy following a major earthquake or other catastrophe, and follows on the recently published Resilient Washington State report. Learn more.

Residents and businesses

Learn more about how you, your family, or your business can prepare, respond, and recover from disasters here in King County. Be sure to visit our regional public preparedness campaign websites and to register for emergency alerts (see links at right). These three steps will help you start down the path of being better prepared.

a plan
Does your family know what to do, how to communicate, and where to go in case of an emergency? Having a emergency plan is the first key step in being prepared.
a kit 
What basic supplies would you need to survive until more help comes following an emergency? A 7-10 day emergency supply kit is a basic tool for providing peace of mind, comfort, and survival needs in the face of a catastrophe.
We will all rely on each other during disasters. Take a CPR class, get to know your neighbors and how you can all work better together before and after a disaster.

Emergency management professionals

Find information on emergency management plans, grants, homeland security, and regional partnerships. Be sure to visit our regional public preparedness campaign websites and to register for emergency alerts (see links at right).