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Office of Emergency Management

King County Office of Emergency Management
3511 NE 2nd Street
Renton, WA 98056
Main Phone: 206-296-3830
Toll Free: 800-523-5044
Fax: 206-205-4056

Enhanced 911 Program
Seattle, WA
E-911 program office

Wildfire response in Washington State 

Devastating wildfires in the central and eastern part of our state have claimed three lives and affected thousands more. Help is streaming in from across the nation, and around the world. We are working closely with state and local agencies, as well as County department leadership, to provide personnel and resources as requests come in. Learn more about the status of wildfire response efforts, available resources, and how you can help at Washington Wildfire Resources.


Back-to-school preparedness: More than buying notebooks and pencils!


As your child heads back to class, are they ready for emergency situations that can arise? In addition to keeping your emergency contact information up-to-date at your child’s school...

  • Find out where children will be taken if they have to evacuate the school;
  • Ask if they store enough food, water and other supplies in case they have to “shelter-in-place;”
  • Designate a friend or relative to pick up your children in an emergency and make sure the school knows who that person is; and
  • Ask how they will communicate with families during a crisis.

Visit FEMA's new Ready Kids site for valuable tools to help your children and teachers prepare for emergencies.


PublicPrepare Emergency Management Professionals




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