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Buy or renew your pet licenses online

King County residents can purchase or renew pet licenses online via our Web site.

You can also renew a pet's license by mail or at one of the King County Animal Shelters.

While there has been a lot of discussion recently about animal sheltering and animal control services in King County, it is still important to license your pet.

Some reasons include:

  • Having a pet license is great way to help ensure that your pet is returned to you should it get lost.
  • The revenue from your pet license supports King County’s animal care and control program, providing shelter, adoption services, and medical treatment for more than 10,000 cats and dogs that come through county shelters each year. Licensing revenue also supports animal control enforcement, and efforts to bring those that abuse animals to justice through the animal cruelty investigation program.
  • Your pet license will remain valid for the full one year duration even if another organization or jurisdiction provides animal care or animal control operations in King County.
  • The first time a licensed pet is found running loose, King County will attempt to give it a free ride home. And if a licensed pet ends up in a King County shelter, staff will hold it for a longer period and make every effort to call or write the owner to inform them that the pet is at the shelter and available for pickup.
  • Licensing your pet is still the law.