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Regional Scheduling Office
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Marymoor Reservations
Marymoor Park Office
Tel: 206-205-3661

Aquatic Center Banquet Hall
King County Aquatic Center
Tel 206-477-4444

For any other inquiries please contact Parks Info

Parks and Recreation Div.
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Seattle, WA 98104
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Community Partnerships and Grants Program (CPG)

The CPG Program is a public/private partnership initiative that empowers user groups, sports associations, recreation clubs, and other non-profit organizations to construct, develop, program, and/or maintain new or enhanced public recreation facilities on King County land in a manner that does not result in new publicly funded operations and maintenance costs.

King County contributes use of land and capital improvement grants up to $100,000 for successful partnership proposals. Community partners contribute the necessary additional capital and in-kind resources to develop the new or enhanced facility, as well as most of the operations, maintenance, and programming, which is typically accomplished through volunteers and/or revenue-based programs or other resources.

There are currently more than 34 CPG projects in various stages of development and implementation including preliminary discussions, initial negotiations, pre-planning, design development, permitting, construction and/or completed projects with ongoing operations.

The CPG Program has been very successful in leveraging the commitment, passion, and resources of community-based organizations to create new public recreation opportunities for citizens in King County while not increasing publicly funded operations and maintenance costs.

Contact Information
To discuss a project idea on King County Parks' lands or to learn more about the CPG Program, please contact:
T.J. Davis, CPG Project Manager

"Eastside Audubon Society’s partnership with King County Parks to enhance the interpretive trail at Marymoor Park has proven beneficial in many ways. It has enabled chapter members to get involved in something bigger than themselves. It has upgraded the interpretive trail so that the community can learn about the ecology and biological diversity of this area. This partnership gives Eastside Audubon and King County Parks the chance to put more citizens in touch with the natural world, and in doing so, helps us all become better stewards of the Earth."

-Jim Rettig, Eastside Audubon