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Department of Permitting and Environmental Review

Department of Permitting and Environmental Review
35030 SE Douglas St., Ste. 210
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Green building and low impact development

What is meant by green building?

Green building, or sustainable building, in King County refers to design, construction, and operation practices that significantly reduce resource consumption and environmental impacts through

  • sustainable site planning
  • energy efficiency
  • water conservation
  • waste minimization
  • pollution prevention
  • using resource-efficient materials
  • providing enhanced indoor environmental quality for occupants.
Greenbridge, a Built Green development. 

What is low impact development?

Low impact development (LID), an approach to land development that focuses on how water enters a site, is stored on-site, and leaves a site, incorporates practices that minimize impervious surface, protect and enhance native vegetation and soils, and manage stormwater at its source.

Benefits of green building and low impact development

  • Cost savings. Energy and water efficient designs reduce monthly utility bills.
  • Health and safety. Proper ventilation and low or non-toxic materials and finishes contribute to a safer, healthier home.
  • Added value. Use of durable green materials, lower operating costs, and healthier indoor air quality can increase a building's market value.
  • Ecological benefit. Making environmentally responsible choices when building helps reduce pollution while protecting forests and wildlife.

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