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Department of Permitting and Environmental Review

Department of Permitting and Environmental Review
35030 SE Douglas St., Ste. 210
Snoqualmie, WA 98065-9266

Phone: 206-296-6600
TTY Relay: 711

Service Center Hours

Code Enforcement FAQ

I have a junk vehicle on my property. How do I get rid of it?

For a junk vehicle of your own, call 206-296-4437. Your vehicle will be examined and, if it meets certain criteria, you may receive a junk vehicle certificate. Follow the directions provided and you will be able to get the vehicle towed away.

Resources for disposing or recycling unwanted items, including vehicles and vehicle parts, are available at


How do I get rid of a junk vehicle that I see in a County right-of-way?

For an abandoned vehicle on a King County road right-of-way, call 206-205-0969.


My neighbors are running a car repair shop from their home. It is noisy and there are cars all over the yard and on the street. Is this legal? I don't want my neighbors to know that I complained.

The activity may be illegal, but that can be determined only after code research and a site visit from a Permitting Department Code Enforcement Officer. Urban residential zones have more restrictions than do rural areas. It is permissible to conduct a home occupation, provided that the business meets standards established for that use.

Any complaint regarding business use of a residence needs a site visit to determine if violations exist. Complaints may be made confidentially (simply state that you wish to remain confidential when filing your complaint). To file a complaint:


My neighbor has so many cars that the entire lot seems to be covered. I've counted 14 cars parked on the lawn. Is it legal to have that many cars?

A Permitting Department Code Enforcement Officer will need to research the lot size and zoning to determine what is legal for a particular site. There are limitations to the number of vehicles that can be parked on urban residential sites.

Staff also will look at vehicle ownership and whether the vehicles are operable. Vehicles cannot be parked on unimproved surfaces such as grass or soil. To file a complaint:



Visit the Permitting Department Code Enforcement Web site for more information.