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Procurement and Payables

Chinook Building
401 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: 206-263-9400 TTY Relay: 711
Fax: 206-296-7675/ 206-296-7676

Project Control Officer

Duties include:

  • Review of control processes for Projects.
  • Review of change orders and amendments which use more than 75% of project contingencies or are over 150K (and require cost/price analysis).
  • Assist Project Representatives (PRs) with compliance on all Executive Policy & Procedure related to Contract Management. Contract Management Procedures include scope of work development, procurements, cost/price analysis, risk assessments, budgets, schedules, milestones reporting, quality controls, change orders, amendments, document control etc.
  • Train Department PCO's and assist with PR Training.
  • Calculate maximum salary rate and escalation rate due August each year.

    October 2015
    Maximum Salary Rate $71.74
    Escalation Rate 1.7%

The following tools have been developed to assist Consultants and Project Managers to undertake project control functions.

Profit Calculations Factor Budget Crosswalk Escalation Pool Management
The county utilizes standardized profit analysis factors when determining profit rates for A&E consultant contracts.
The Budget Crosswalk is a required tool to track and describe the reason for move (s) of task funds on an Architectural and Engineering contract. Assist Consultants and Project Managers track the use of the Escalation Pool by Task.
Instruction (117KB PDF) Template (50KB xls) Instruction (139KB PDF) Template (72KB xls)

Note: Documents on this page are available in portable document format (PDF) .

Project Control Staff
Trautman, Christy, 206-263-9332
Gonzalez, Jesse, 206-263-9335
Contract Specialist
Williams, Michael, 206-263-9337
Project Control Analyst