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Policies and Public Rules

King County Policies, Procedures, Public Rules, and Interlocal Agreements


Policies, Procedures and Public Rules - Contact Info

As required by the King County code, Chapter 2.98 on the rules of county agencies, all public rules and executive policies are available on this site.  This site is maintained by the Archives, Records Management and Mail Services section of the Records and Licensing Services Division


For copies of executive branch policies/procedures, executive orders and public rules posted to this site, please contact:

King County Archives

For copies of, or questions about, interlocal agreements (ILAs) posted to this site, please contact the county agency that is party to the agreement.

To post an Interlocal Agremeent (ILA) to this site, please contact:

Ryan Wadleigh

To make a public disclosure request of any executive branch agency, mail your inquiry to:

Shelby Miklethun
Program Coordinator
King County Office of Civil Rights and Open Government
401 Fifth Ave., Suite 215
Seattle, WA 98104
Fax 206-296-4329


If you are a King County employee and need assistance with drafting or publishing a new policy, please contact:

Deborah Kennedy
Manager of Archives, Records Management and Mail Services