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King County Auditor

King County Auditor's Office
County Auditor
Kymber Waltmunson
Rm. W-1033
516 Third Ave.
Seattle, Wa 98104

Phone: 206-477-1033 
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Oversight Monitoring Consultant Report - Review of Brightwater Close Out Report, May 2014

The Auditor’s Office Capital Projects Oversight Program transmitted its review of the Brightwater Oversight Monitoring Consultant’s analysis of the Wastewater Treatment Division May 2014 Brightwater Close Out Report (Attachment B). This independent forecast of the total cost for Brightwater, at $1,850.8 million shows little change since last year. Cost uncertainty, due primarily to litigation, may continue beyond the end of 2015, the project’s scheduled completion. Our review was issued on September 29, 2014.

Performance Audit of the Facilities Management Division Major Maintenance Reserve Fund

The recent approach to funding the Major Maintenance Reserve Fund has resulted in a large and growing backlog of building maintenance work.  Improvements by the Facilities Management Division in tracking building conditions, predicting future costs, and communicating major maintenance needs will help the County Executive and County Council determine appropriate funding for the major maintenance program. The report was presented to the Budget & Fiscal Management Committee on September 16, 2014.

Performance Audit of the King County 2012 Strategic Climate Action Plan

King County has been a national leader in responding to climate change. However, significant work lies ahead in order for the County to reach its ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change. Improved community engagement and technical analysis will create a more effective and rigorous plan that informs implementers and decision-makers moving forward. The report was presented to the Transportation, Economy & Environment Committee on September 16, 2014.

Public Works Magazine: Not-so-Risky

Councilmember Jane Hague and Capital Projects Oversight Manager Tina Rogers from the King County Auditor’s Office (shown at the right) are featured in a cover-page article in July’s Public Works magazine. The article describes the risk-assessment system that tracks King County’s largest capital projects. For more information about the Auditor’s Office Capital Projects Oversight Program or the county’s risk-assessment process, contact Tina Rogers at 206-477-1036 or email

2013 Highlights of Performance: Advancing
Improvement in County Government

We are pleased to announce the Auditor's Office released its Highlights of Performance report for 2013. The report summarizes the accomplishments of the King County Auditor’s Office during 2013 and provides examples of how the Auditor’s Office improved county programs, and enhanced oversight and transparency in capital projects. The King County Auditor’s Office promotes and improves performance, accountability, and transparency of King County government through objective and independent audits, oversight, and studies.

External quality control review of Auditor's Office

Based on the results of a peer review conducted during the week of February 24, 2014, the King County Auditor's Office's internal quality control system was suitably designed and operating effectively to provide reasonable assurance of compliance with Government Auditing Standards for performance audits during the period January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2013. Click here to read the management letter in full.

Auditor's Office 2014 work program approved

The 2014 King County Auditor’s work program promotes the county’s strategic priorities of financial stewardship, service excellence, equity and social justice, environmental sustainability, justice and safety, and health and human potential. It was approved by motion of the King County Council in December 2013. This set of projects, informed by both the executive and legislative branches, was developed to maximize impact for the County and to align with major policy decisions facing the King County Council. This is an aggressive agenda and the Auditor’s Office will be piloting some innovative approaches to accomplish these projects efficiently and effectively while leveraging impact for the County. Please click here for the 2014 work program.

The Association of Local Government Auditors – The Knighton Award

The Knighton Award recognizes the best performance audit reports of the preceding year. Honorable mention award was given to the King County Auditor’s Office for their 2012 Performance Audit of King County’s Investment in Information Technology.

We appreciate receiving your input and feedback by e-mail or call us at 206-477-1033. The King County Auditor's Office is now on Twitter.

Advancing performance, accountability, and transparency

Audits and Special Studies
The King County Auditor's Office provides oversight of county government through independent audits and other studies regarding the performance and efficiency of agencies and programs, compliance with mandates, and integrity of financial management systems. The office reports the results of each audit or study to the Metropolitan King County Council.

The King County Auditor’s Office performs its work in accordance with applicable Government Auditing Standards.

Capital Projects Oversight
In 2007, the King County Council created the Capital Projects Oversight program within the King County Auditor’s office. The oversight program was established to mitigate capital project overruns and potential problems, contain costs, and inform decision-making processes through adequate, timely, and useful standardized reporting. Current projects being monitored are: Accountable Business Transformation, Brightwater Wastewater Treatment System, South Regional Maintenance Facility (Roads Services Division), Facilities Management Division Project Delivery Management, and Criteria for Capital Project Prioritization.

 Countywide Performance Management
Since 2002, the council has enacted legislation seeking to improve the county's use of performance measures, including a 2003 motion that created the auditor-led Performance Measurement (now Management) Work Group with countywide representation.  Based on a framework recommended by the Performance Management Work Group and efforts by this office to promote performance management in King County, the 2008 Performance and Accountability Act requires all King County agencies and departments to prepare strategic plans every five years, annual business plans, and relevant performance measures and paved the way for the development of the first countywide strategic plan, approved by the King County Council on July 26, 2010 . Advancing performance-based government is one of the ways the auditor's office promotes cost-effective and accountable county services.