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Record Group 102

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The elective office of County Engineer was established in 1907, and took over the duties of the Surveyor. Required to be a licensed civil engineer, the Engineer was mandated to recommend improvements to the Commissioners, to prepare plans, estimates and specifications, and to inspect bridges annually.

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102-135 Cascade Scenic Highway contract files, 1914 - 1915
Contract documents for work on construction of Stevens Pass Highway, including lists of employees doing excavation and clearing work on a contract basis.

Volume: 0.2 cu ft

102-39 Civil Works Administration Project 622 files, 1933 - 1934
CWA Project 622, an early Depression-era public employment project jointly administered by the County Engineer and the City Engineer of Seattle, employed engineers, surveyors and draftsmen in a topographic survey of King County for sewer and drainage improvements. Records include field notes, computations, correspondence, resumes of project staff, budgets and progress reports.

Volume: 3 cu ft

102-34 Construction inspectors' field memo books, 1915 - 1951
Diaries and memo books kept by construction inspectors chronicling the progress of County road, bridge and dock projects.

Volume: 1 cu ft

102-33 Construction inspectors' time books, 1907 - 1924
Time books for county road, bridge and dock projects, showing employees' names, job titles, wage rates and hours.

Volume: 0.3 cu ft

102-136 Contract log book, 1908 - 1914
Summary of county road, bridge and wharf contracts, including name of project, survey number, contract dates, contractor, estimated and actual costs, and a brief description of work.

Volume: 0.1 cu ft

102-330 Drainage district maps, 1918 - 1919
Topographic maps of Drainage Districts 8,9,10 and 11, which were in areas near Auburn, Algona, the Sammamish River, and the lower Snoqualmie River near Duvall. Maps include fence lines, roads, drainage ditches and streams, as well as buildings. Scale 1"=200'.

Volume: 0.5 cu ft

102-30 Field logs, 1896 - 1920
Log and note books for various roads and surveying projects, including a 1915 traffic survey, field books for private surveys performed by the County Surveyor's office, road maintenance logs, and summary records of road, bridge and wharf contracts.

Volume: 0.3 cu ft

102-276 Lake Washington Ship Canal Survey No. 1255 records, 1895 - 1915
Field books, maps, cross sections and plans from a survey of the Salmon Bay area of Ballard. Prepared as exhibits for a court case resulting from the change in water levels resulting from construction of the Ballard Locks. Plans and cross-sections include 1"=20' drawings of sawmills and shingle mills on Salmon Bay. Includes reference materials (railroad and city engineer's maps) used in the preparation of maps.

Volume: 3 cu ft

102-37 Permanent highway project contract files, 1924 - 1932
Plans and maps for highway projects paid for by the Washington State permanent highway fund.

Volume: 0.3 cu ft

102-35 Preliminary topographic map books, 1908 - 1937
Field notes and topographic mapping of sites for county projects. Many maps contain information on existing structures and on old roads and trails.

Volume: 1.3 cu ft

102-327 Road establishment books, 1912 - 1936
Atlases of King County, showing existing county road rights of way, former roads, actual roads constructed, road names and numbers, and date of road establishment.

Volume: 10 cu ft

102-137 Road petition files, 1920 - 1935
Petitions, correspondence, maps, resolutions for road improvements, arranged by year and by name of principal petitioner. Includes petitions for projects not approved by County Commissioners.

Volume: 2 cu ft

102-494 State highway plans, 1925-1933
After 1900, Washington counties worked increasingly with the state Highway Department to maintain roads built with state monies. The Highway Department sent reference copies of its highway plans to the counties. These plans are for State Highway #1 (Pacific Highway, through Auburn, Kent, Des Moines, Seattle, and via the North Trunk Highway to the Snohomish County line) and State Highway #2 (Sunset Highway, over Snoqualmie Pass). Volume 1 is for grading both highways, and there is one volume each per highway for concrete paving . In addition to construction details, the plans provide information about the land to either side of the right-of-way: property owners' names, location of structures such as barns and sheds, wetlands, pastures, cultivated fields, etc. The brittle blueprint pages have been reinforced with pasted paper. Maps on each page have been indexed by section-township-range.

Volume: 3 volumes

102-138 Survey calculations, 1909 - 1913
Calculations and sketches for surveys done by County Engineer for projects other than roads, as well as for "private" surveys done at property owners' expense.

Volume: 0.3 cu ft