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KCGIS Center News

New iMap is coming this spring

February 3, 2015

The King County GIS Center's iMap has been a workhorse web-based mapping application for more than a decade. King County citizens and government staff rely on iMap day in and day out to access and view a multitude of authoritative King County spatial data layers and the wealth of information they hold. Interactive tools give iMap users the ability to select, view, navigate, and investigate data themes and map layer combinations, as well as conduct searches, determine locations, and create and print custom map views.

The King County GIS Center is pleased to announce that a better, faster, more reliable, and more flexible iMap will be launched next month. KCGIS Center developers are using the latest web-mapping technology to rebuild iMap from the ground up so that it takes advantage of the exciting capabilities that the new technology enables, including on-the-fly support for optimized tablet and smartphone display and use. The iMap development team has also been interviewing and receiving feedback from a spectrum of current iMap users, especially those who rely on using iMap in very specific ways to perform job-related tasks and workflows, to ensure that the new iMap will continue to support existing tasks and workflows among its many new features and functions.

By early March, the new iMap will be publicly available for all users to try out. You'll hear about it right here in the KCGIS Center News and via other announcements. Please let your colleagues know too. We want to encourage users to put the new iMap through its paces, and to become familiar with the new look and feel because introducing the new also means phasing out the old—the current iMap will be retired at the end of March. On April 1st (yes, truly) the new iMap will take over for good and become a new workhorse among King County GIS web-based mapping applications.