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King County iMap—Interactive Mapping Tool

iMap is an application that allows you to view King County spatial information (GIS data and images) in an interactive map display. You can customize your map display to show just the information you want to see at the best scale for your chosen purpose. iMap is your window to a wealth of geographic information from throughout King County on such topics as real property, natural resources, political boundaries, planning, and much more.

Original iMap New iMap

Choose a map set (optional):

'iMap Beta'
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Getting started with the original iMap
iMap requires a high-speed Internet connection. For slow connections, Parcel Viewer may be a better option for property research.

General use

Property Research when you know the address or parcel number

Property Research when you don’t know the address or parcel number

iMap Help

Getting started with iMap Beta
See also: iMap Beta User Questions and Issues

Search for a location

Try entering an address into the Basic Search box in the upper left. One or more selection options may appear as you type. Basic Search can also find parcel numbers, street intersections (use an ampersand between street names like this: 80th & Roosevelt), and common destinations and landmarks, such as parks and schools.

Look up property information

Zoom to an address or parcel number using Basic Search, then click on a red-outlined parcel to see a pop-up with property information. (The parcels layer is turned on by default when you first launch iMap Beta.)

Explore different map layers

There are more than a dozen theme-based layer groups to choose from in the Layer List. (Look for the Layer List icon in the icon group in iMap’s title bar.) Expand a layer group by clicking on its name. Display or hide layer groups and individual layers by clicking the check boxes next to their names. Important: a layer group needs to be checked on in order to see any of the individual layers in that group display on the map.

Try different basemaps

Changing the basemap that displays in the background of your map view is as easy as opening the Basemap Gallery and then clicking on one of the map thumbnail images. (Look for the Basemap Gallery icon in the icon group in iMap’s title bar.) In addition to a standard basemap made with authoritative King County data, there are several vintages of aerial photo imagery, a hillshade basemap that represents landforms, and several third-party basemaps, including OpenStreetMap.

On April 1st, the original iMap will be retired and replaced by a better, faster, more reliable, and more flexible iMap. Until then you will be able to launch both from this page. Veteran iMap users will want to try new iMap and put it through it’s paces to see how well it performs familiar tasks and workflows. First-time iMap users can dive right in to the modern new interface and tools. Anyone can help us make iMap the best it can be. Please send comments to


  • iMap opens in a new browser window.
  • If iMap does not launch for you, check your pop-up blocker settings.
  • All iMap users are subject to the Terms of Use.