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We put geographic information systems to work for King County and beyond
King County GIS Center
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The King County GIS Center manages the King County Geographic Information System (KCGIS), King County’s cooperative, multi-department, enterprise GIS. We provide efficient, high-quality GIS leadership, coordination, infrastructure, and services to meet the business needs of our customers and clients in King County government, the Puget Sound region and beyond. More...

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A new view of the Metro Transit system

September 25, 2015

King County Metro Transit has launched a new System Map Viewer for online public use. The viewer, which was created by the King County GIS Center’s Client Services group in consultation with Metro, provides seamless, interactive map coverage for the Metro service area inside a standard web browser. Users can perform familiar interactive map viewing functions, such as panning and zooming, which by itself improves access to a map that until now has been available only as a set of PDF files. Additional features further enhance map access and utility. These include address and place-name search, quick map navigation to each transit center using a set of built-in geographic bookmarks (plus the ability for users to create and save their own bookmarks for any parts of the maps they choose), and printing of custom map views. More…

Long live iMap!

April 1, 2015

As you can see if you skim down the headlines on this page, the big news for the last couple of months here at the King County GIS Center has been our newly redeveloped King County iMap interactive map viewer. We’re pleased to announce that new iMap is now live online! More…

All needles, no hay — Searching in new iMap

March 17, 2015

Modern web searching can seem pretty ho-hum these days. We reflexively tap out questions on whatever screen is at hand, or casually probe our ever-present companions Siri, Cortana, and Google. We expect answers and we get answers, but not always wanted or useful answers. Sometimes we search and search for a needle but just get hay. The new King County iMap is thoroughly modern in its inclusion of search capabilities. But more than that, its search tools are designed to give you useful answers—the answers you expect and need. More…

New iMap is designed for your device

March 10, 2015

Have you heard of responsive web design? Even if you haven’t, you have probably seen it, especially when web surfing on a tablet or smartphone. More…

New iMap is here!

March 4, 2015

The King County GIS Center is delighted to announce that iMap Beta is live online and ready for you to take for a spin. More…

New iMap is coming this spring

February 3, 2015

The King County GIS Center's iMap has been a workhorse web-based mapping application for more than a decade. King County citizens and government staff rely on iMap day in and day out to access and view a multitude of authoritative King County spatial data layers and the wealth of information they hold. Interactive tools give iMap users the ability to select, view, navigate, and investigate data themes and map layer combinations, as well as conduct searches, determine locations, and create and print custom map views. The King County GIS Center is pleased to announce that a better, faster, more reliable, and more flexible iMap will be launched next month. More…

This Week: February 8–12

February 9, Workshop
GIS is for Everyone: Web Map & App Development, Mapping Data with ArcGIS Online

February 10–11, CLASS
Data Management in the Geodatabase

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February 17, United States Census Bureau
Census Data Workshop

February 24, Free Brownbag Workshop
Web-Based Property Research

March 14–15, CLASS
Fundamentals of ArcGIS

March 16–18, CLASS
Intermediate GIS Concepts

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