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Finance and Business Operations

The Financial Management Section is responsible for administering the following services:

  • Financial Management collageFinancial Accounting - Prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and the Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR), annual reports on the County's financial condition and financial results of operations. Maintains the County's central accounting records and prepares countywide financial reports and official statements required for bond issues. Fixed asset accounting maintains records for all county fixed assets.
  • Financial Systems - Manages the County's Oracle EBS financial system, including monitoring and processing system interfaces and imports, general ledger posting, and the opening and closing of periods for the Oracle modules. Prepares reference materials, assists County agencies with training and system research, and provides support for Special Districts, including journal input, reporting, and research.
  • Grant Financial Administration - Develops recommendations for financial, operational, and policy decisions related to the financial administration of grant and assistance programs. Provides technical and analytical expertise, information and advice, and access to resources and training opportunities that assist County agencies and departments with related financial administration issues.
  • Accounts Receivable - Bills customers for services provided by various County agencies. Develops policies and procedures to maintain internal controls over the receiving of public funds. Performs collection efforts on delinquent County accounts and responds to customer or agency inquiries. At year-end, performs an aging analysis of accounts receivables, and performs the critical reconciliation of the accounts receivable module to the general ledger to support the CAFR process.

    IMPORTANT: When making an electronic bill payment, include the following information to allow posting and avoid returns: (1) invoice and (2) account number. Remit addresses are as follows:

    Public Health – Seattle & King County
    Accounting Services
    401 5th Avenue, Suite 1200
    Seattle, WA 98104
    Real Estate Services
    500 4th Avenue, Room 830
    Seattle, WA 98104
    General Accounts Receivable
    Financial Management Section
    500 Fourth Avenue
    Seattle, WA 98104-2364

    Annual reports on the county's financial condition and financial results of operations are available on this site.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR)
2013 CAFR CoverA detailed presentation of the County’s financial condition, including revenues, expenditures, statistical information, and the independent auditor’s report. For details, go to the CAFR webpage. 2013 PAFR CoverPrimarily graphical overview of the information presented in the CAFR. Though not audited, its content is derived from the County’s audited CAFR. View the PAFR webpage.


Contact Information
Telephone: 206-263-2535 (General Office)
206-263-9269 (Billings Received from the County)
Fax: 206-296-7303
Email Address:
Street Address: Department of Executive Services
Finance and Business Operations Division
Financial Management Section
500 Fourth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104-2364
Business Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Manager: Pete Anthony