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King County Budget Office

Office of Management and Budget

King County Office of Management & Budget
401 Fifth Avenue,
Suite 810
Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 263-9727 PHONE
(206) 296-3462 FAX
(800) 325-6165 TDD

2010 Executive Proposed Budget Book: Table of Contents

(All links below go to PDF files.)

Introduction (167KB)

  • Title Page
  • Credits
  • King County Executive Budget Letter
  • Readers' Guide to King County Budget Book
  • Readers' Guide to the Detail Sheets
  • King County Government and Background
  • Elected Officials of King County
  • King County Boards and Commissions
  • King County Organizational Chart

Economic and revenue forecast (1.8MB)

  • Introduction
  • Review of Economic Conditions
  • Economic Forecast
  • King County Revenues
  • General Fund Financial Plan (Table & Footnotes)

Program summaries (37KB)

  • Budget Planning Assumptions
  • Program Plan Areas
  • Summary Comparison of 2010 Appropriations by Program Category, All Resources & General Fund
  • Expenditures and Revenues Pie Charts

Program Plans:

General Government Program Plan

Introduction (58KB)

Assessments (74KB)

County Executive (591KB)

  • County Executive
  • Office of the Executive
  • Office of Management & Budget
  • Office of Strategic Planning & Performance Management
  • Office of Information Resource Management Operating Fund
  • Technology Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Cable Communications
  • I-NET Operations

Elections (96KB)

Executive Services (866KB)

  • Department of Executive Services Administration
  • DES Equipment Replacement Plan
  • Facilities Management Internal Service Fund
  • Real Estate Services
  • Finance and Business Operations
  • Finance-General Fund
  • Human Resources Division
  • Employee Benefits
  • Safety and Claims Management
  • Records and Licensing Services
  • Recorder's Operations and Maintenance
  • Risk Management

Legislative Agencies (430KB)

  • County Council
  • Council Administration
  • Hearing Examiner
  • County Auditor
  • Ombudsman/Tax Advisor
  • King County Civic Television
  • Board of Appeals
  • Office of Law Enforcement Oversight
  • Office of Economic and Financial Analysis

Other Agencies (371KB)

  • ARRA Byrne Justice Assistance Grant
  • Boundary Review Board
  • Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (JAG)
  • Citizen Counselor Network
  • Cultural Development Authority
  • State Auditor
  • Executive Contingency
  • General Government General Fund Transfers
  • Grants Fund
  • Internal Support
  • Memberships and Dues

General Government Program Plan Table & General Government Budget Transparency Table (28KB)

Physical Environment Program Plan

Development and Environmental Services (115KB)


Natural Resources and Parks (1MB)

  • DNRP Administration
  • Geographic Information System Center
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Parks Operating Levy Fund
  • Youth Sports Facilities Grants
  • Parks Expansion Levy
  • Solid Waste
  • Solid Waste Post-Closure Landfill Maintenance
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Water and Land Resources Shared Services (WLRSS)
  • Surface Water Management (SWM) Rural Drainage
  • King County Flood Control Contract Fund
  • River Improvement Fund
  • Inter-County River Improvement Fund
  • Noxious Weed Control Program

Transportation (1MB)

  • Department of Transportation Director's Office
  • Transit Division
  • Marine Division
  • Road Services
  • Stormwater Decant Program
  • Road Construction Transfer
  • Motor Pool Equipment Rental and Revolving Fund
  • Equipment Rental and Revolving Fund
  • Wastewater Equipment Rental and Revolving Fund
  • King County International Airport
  • Physical Environment General Fund Transfers

Physical Environment Program Plan Table & Physical Environment Budget Transparency Table (43KB)

Health and Human Services Program Plan

Introduction (43K)

Community and Human Services (48K)

  • DCHS Administration
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Community Services
  • Work Training Program
  • Federal Housing & Community Development
  • Housing Opportunity Fund
  • Veterans' Services
  • Veterans & Family Levy
  • Human Services Levy
  • Children & Family Services Fund
  • MHCADS - Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
  • MHCADS - Mental Health Services
  • Mental Illness & Drug Dependency (MIDD)
  • MIDD Supplantation Programs
  • Human Services General Fund Transfers

Public Health (532K)

  • Public Health
  • Medical Examiner
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Local Hazardous Waste
  • Public Health & Emergency Medical Services General Fund Transfers

Health and Human Services Program Plan Table & Health and Human Services Budget Transparency Table (20KB)

Law, Safety and Justice Program Plan

Introduction (32KB)

Adult & Juvenile Detention (260KB)

  • Inmate Welfare Funds, Juvenile & Adult
  • Jail Health Services

District Court (108KB)

Judicial Administration (78KB)

Prosecuting Attorney (112KB)

Office of the Public Defender (78KB)

Sheriff's Office (280KB)

  • Sheriff's Office
  • Drug Enforcement Forfeits
  • Automated Fingerprint Information System (AFIS)
  • Security Screeners

Superior Court (77KB)

Emergency Management/Executive Services (214KB)

  • Emergency Management
  • Enhanced-911
  • Radio Communication Services

Law, Safety and Justice Program Plan Table & Law, Safety and Justice Budget Transparency Table (45KB)

Capital Improvement Program Plan

Debt Service Program Plan

Issues and Priorities (120KB)

Debt Service Program Plan Table (PDF)

Appendices (195KB)

  • King County At A Glance
  • The King County Budget Process
  • Glossary
  • Summary Comparison of 2010 Appropriations by Program Category, All Resources & General Fund
  • 2008 Actual Expenditures and Encumbrances by Fund
  • 2010 Expenditure Schedules
  • 2010 Full-Time Equivalents Positions (FTEs) Schedules
  • 2010 Revenue Schedules