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King County Budget Office

Office of Management and Budget

King County Office of Management & Budget
401 Fifth Avenue,
Suite 810
Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 263-9727 PHONE
(206) 296-3462 FAX
(800) 325-6165 TDD


The King County Budget


Executive Summary (2Mb PDF)

Operating Budget (4.2Mb PDF)

Capital Improvement Program (4.2Mb PDF)

 Watch Executive Constantine's Budget Speech and Press Conference 

View budget breakdown by department (PDF)

The Office of Management and Budget is a catalyst for improving the overall management of county resources (people and dollars) through our coordination and oversight of the budget process and financial planning and the implementation of innovative financial and management initiatives.

The Office of Management and Budget develops, coordinates and monitors county agency operating and capital budgets and provides management and strategic direction to carry out the policies and initiatives established by the King County Executive.

From the King County Countywide Strategic Plan:

Priorities for Year One:

  1. Set standards and expectations for the immediate improvement of customer service
  2. Build Lasting regional partnerships
  3. Stabilize the long-term structural budget problem by clearly defining King County service levels and giving voters choices.
  4. Build a culture of performance
  5. Empower our workforce and work together as one King County

Goals for what King County will do:

  • Justice and Safety. Support safe communities and accessible justice systems for all.
  • Health and Human Potential. Provide equitable opportunities for all individuals to realize their full potential.
  • Economic Growth and Built Environment. Encourage a growing and diverse King County economy and vibrant, thriving and sustainable communities.
  • Environmental Sustainability. Safeguard and enhance King County’s natural resources and environment.
For more information, please contact:
James Walsh, Technology Group Supervisor
Office of Management and Budget
Phone: (206) 263-9722