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The King County Hearing Examiner is appointed by the Metropolitan King County Council to provide a public hearing process for land use and other critical issues that is fair, efficient, open and accessible to all citizens.

The Hearing Examiner conducts hearings on certain types of land use applications and on appeals of county administrative orders and decisions. The Examiner issues formal decisions or makes recommendations to the King County Council on the matters heard. Visit the Hearings Guide to learn more about the office of the Hearing Examiner.

Case Digest: Case Digest is a searchable database of previous recommendations and decisions subsequent to January 1, 1996, issued by the King County Hearing Examiner. Case Digest was created by the Hearing Examiner's Office to help citizens locate information related to topics and issues discussed in past cases as an aid in preparing for upcoming cases which will be heard by the Hearing Examiner.

Common Regulations: The Hearing Examiner bases decisions on adopted King County codes and policies and state statutes, regulations and case law (precedential decisions of the appellate courts). In order to participate effectively in a hearing, it is often helpful to become familiar with the laws and policies that govern the decision making process. The following legal sources frequently govern or affect county Hearing Examiner proceedings (they are not an exclusive listing).

Hearing Rules of Procedure: These rules are intended to eliminate delays through the use of active case management and the more efficient use of hearing time; reduce costs to participants in the hearing process; and facilitate adherence to time limits established by law and ordinance.

Hearing Locations: Need directions to a conference or hearing?

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