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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Pandemic flu preparedness

Business Not As Usual: Preparing for a Pandemic Flu

"No Ordinary Flu"
To promote pandemic flu preparedness, Public Health - Seattle & King County has developed a 12-page comic book on pandemic flu in multiple languages. Targeting readers of all ages, this story tells the tale of a family's experience of the 1918 influenza pandemic. It also explains the threat of pandemic flu today, illustrates what to expect during a pandemic (such as school closures), and offers tips to help households prepare.

Business Not As Usual: Preparing for a Pandemic Flu

Business Not As Usual: Preparing for a Pandemic Flu
Business Not As Usual is a 20-minute planning video for the public and employers of all types (business, government, community-based organizations, schools, etc.) Watch the streaming video for practical planning types you can do NOW.

Stop Germs, Stay Healthy!

Stop Germs, Stay Healthy!
Stop Germs, Stay Healthy! is a public education campaign that encourages and supports healthy behaviors that are effective in limiting the spread of respiratory illnesses such as colds and influenza. Visit the link above to download colorful posters in multiple languages or order free hard copies (for King County, WA state street addresses only.)

Pandemic Flu Fact Sheets
A pandemic flu is a new influenza virus that could be a much more serious flu virus than seen in a typical flu season. Different from the typical strains of flu, humans would have no or little natural resistance to a new strain of influenza.

Pandemic Flu Response Plan (PDF)
This plan provides guidance to Public Health - Seattle and King County and regional partners regarding detection, response and recovery from an influenza pandemic.

Resources for individuals and families
Planning checklists, guides and information to help you prepare for pandemic influenza.

Resources for law enforcement
Planning checklist for law enforcement.

Resources for local businesses and community organizations
Fact sheets, sample articles, presentations, mask guidance and links

Resources for schools
Planning checklists and sample letter for parents of students.

Resources for local government agencies
Continuity of government issues that should be addressed by local agencies.

For health care professionals
Health advisories, resources and key links.

PowerPoint presentations
Presentations on briefings to response partners, business forum, and town hall meetings.

Additional Pandemic Flu resources

Thumbnail image for Pandemic Flu fact sheet is reprinted with permission by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.