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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Vulnerable Populations Action Team (VPAT)

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The Vulnerable Populations Action Team (VPAT) is a program that has operated since 2006 within the Preparedness section of Public Health – Seattle & King County.


VPAT works collaboratively with community-based organizations to ensure that no one group is more impacted than another in an emergency. VPAT helps service providers get prepared, stay prepared, and be ready to respond to their clients' needs during times of disaster.

Who we are

VPAT fully recognizes that without the partnership and assistance of community-based agencies that serve vulnerable individuals, we will not effectively reach these populations during an emergency. VPAT facilitates:

Green bullet Training and assistance to community-based organizations (Standards and Indicators)

Blue bullet Community Communication Network

Mauve bullet Integration of vulnerable populations in emergency planning

Teal bullet Whole community partnerships

What we do

The following goals guide the VPAT work:

  • We will identify and better understand the preparedness, response, and recovery needs of community-based organizations that serve vulnerable populations.

  • Community-based organizations will be better prepared to continue service delivery and have the skills/capacity to train their staff (and clients) to provide basic response and recovery services.

  • Essential public health information will reach residents in all vulnerable population segments prior to and throughout an emergency event.

  • Vulnerable population planning activities will be integrated into all government, healthcare, community-based organizations, and internal public health systems.

VPAT is an active partner of the Vulnerable Populations Operations Workgroup (VPOW) and it leverages this group to move toward these goals.

Contact VPAT

Robin Pfohman
VPAT Program Manager

Phone: 206-263-8759

Events and news

To request something specific for your organization, please contact Robin Pfohman


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Meeting the Needs of Vulnerable Populations: Equity in Emergency Preparedness
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