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The Community Resilience + Equity Program (CR+EP) is a new program that is working collaboratively with community partners, identifying and addressing system gaps, and aligning interests and efforts, to build community resilience and ensure that no one group is more impacted than another in an emergency. CR+EP refocuses work previously done by the Vulnerable Populations Action Team (VPAT, established in 2006) to reach a wider audience and to align programming focused on health and wellness, climate change, equity and preparedness into a broader framework of resilience.

In the coming months check back for more information. In the meantime, we are happy to continue to provide the below tools to assist your organizations and agencies in building resilience and addressing equity concerns.

Green bullet Training and assistance to community-based organizations (Standards and Indicators)

Blue bullet Community Communication Network

Mauve bullet Integration of vulnerable populations in emergency planning

Teal bullet Whole community partnerships

Contact us

Robin Pfohman
Community Resilience + Equity Program Manager

Phone: 206-263-8759

Candace Jackson
Program Staff

Phone: 206-263-9032