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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Insurance for children under 19 years of age (Washington state only)

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Good News! More children qualify for free or low-cost health coverage!

Flyers available in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word formats:

* To open the MS Word version of the Amharic and Tigrinya flyers, you will need to do a search online to download and install the Geez Unicode font to your computer.
** To open the MS Word version of the Khmer flyer, you will need to do a search online to download and install the Limon S1 font to your computer.

How to find out if you qualify

Step 1 - Expenses:

Write down your family's monthly income (before tax)
Subtract any monthly work-related child care or adult care expenses you pay.
Subtract all monthly court-ordered child support payments you pay for a child living outside the home.
Subtract $90 for each working adult in the household

Step 2 - Compare to see if you qualify:

Even if you have been denied before, your children may qualify now. If your family's monthly income is at or below the following standards, your children may qualify for medical coverage.

Total number in family (including yourself)
Monthly income limit for free coverage
Monthly income limit for low-cost coverage*
$ 1,915
$ 2,873
$ 2,585
$ 3,878
$ 3,255
$ 4,883
$ 3,925
$ 5,888
$ 4,595
$ 6,893
$ 5,265
$ 7,898
For each additional family member add:

These income guidelines are effective April 1, 2013. This chart deals with health insurance for children under age 19 only. Other programs may be available for families and pregnant women.

*Small monthly premiums will apply.

How can I apply?

For assistance on the application process, please call the Community Health Access Program (CHAP): 1-800-756-5437.

What to send
  • Application
  • Pay stubs for last 30 days with name and address of employer(s).
Where to send

Access & Outreach
Public Health - Seattle & King County
401 5th Avenue #1000
Seattle, WA 98104

Or fax the application to 206-296-0881


How to get help