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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Welcome to Access and Outreach

The mission of Access & Outreach is to ensure that the most vulnerable in King County have access to essential services.  We do this by achieving system wide changes that improve access to health care.  Assure access by providing trainings and technical support to our community partners.  And provide application assistance to the most vulnerable in King County at our various outreach locations.

One example of how we improve access is through our Access to Baby and Child Dentistry Program (ABCD). ABCD focuses on preventive and restorative dental care for Medicaid-eligible children from birth through age five with an emphasis on the first dental visit by age one.

In addition to the ABCD program, Access & Outreach includes the following:  PeoplePoint, Apple Health for Kids, Basic Food Program, Community Health Access Program (CHAP), the Washington State Breast Cervical and Colon Program (BCCHP) and the First Friday Forum.  

Free or low cost health insurance

Children 18 years of age and under
19 years and older (Family Medical) and Washington Health Program
65 years of age and over, or disabled on Medicare (Medicare Savings Program)
Pregnancy Medical Program
First Steps medical insurance for prenatal care
Women's health exams with mammogram and Pap test
Take Charge (birth control for women, men and teens)
Access to Baby and Child Dentistry Program (ABCD)

Other primary care health insurance options
Health services
Food assistance
Phone and web assistance programs
Community resources
Where to get help

Access and Outreach Team

Seattle, North & East King County
South King County
Brett Downey (English/Spanish)
Carmen Olvera (English/Spanish)
Callista Kennedy (English)
Carolina Marx (English/Spanish)
Luis Salazar (English/Spanish)
Cindy Mai (English/Vietnamese)
Javier Amaya (English/Spanish)
Miguel Urquiza (English/Spanish)

Rod Kim (English)

Willie Allen (English)

Jennifer Covert (English)


Ted Christie (English)


How to get help
Where to send applications and documents

Access & Outreach
Public Health - Seattle & King County
401 5th Ave., Suite 1000
Seattle, WA 98104

Or fax the application to 206-296-0881


First Friday Forums for health care providers
Information for King County health care providers including updates on Medicaid, Basic Health and other publicly sponsored government programs. Learn about health care program eligibility, application process, advocacy and a forum for problem-solving and collaboration.

Promotora Program
The Promotora model is a culturally sensitive, lay health educator for the Latina community.

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